Poll results: Armenia’s Artsvik had the best first rehearsal on May 1st


It was a day of musical extremes. Latvia’s Triana Park took us to the neon rave. Greece’s Demy chased waterfalls. And Moldova’s Sunstroke Project gave us hundreds of Epic Sax Guys.  In the end, only one of the nine mighty fine acts from Monday could win the day. We asked you who had the best rehearsal. After counting 7,885 votes, we can now reveal that our readers think Armenia’s Artsvik came out on top.

From the top of the song, viewers inside the venue were treated to high-class, multi-cultural, purple spleandor. And that is just the staging! Artsvik was a true star here, working the stage like the diva she is. She owned it like a queen, and did not seem at all intimidated by its immense size. This confidence alone would have been impressive, but then she managed slay every single note of her song “Fly With Me” with ease — flying away with the top spot in our poll.

Artsvik is flanked by two modern dancers to assist her in the telling of her story. Their choreography was simple yet incredibly effective. It even inspired a new term — “Bollywood voguing”.

The LED screens evolve continuously, from ancient symbols to twisting violet tendrils. The Armenian team has harnessed every technique in their arsenal of effects, both low-tech and cutting edge to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind performance.

Artsvik took the top spot in our poll with 33.04% of the vote. In second place with 18.1% of the vote was Greece’s Demy, who gave us feel-good mid-tempo dance realness with “This Is Love”. Poland’s Kasia Mos lit up the stage and our poll with 14.45% of the vote, earning our readers’ third place finish.

Poll results: Who had the best first rehearsal of May 1?

  1. Armenia: Artsvik, “Fly with Me” 33.04% (2605 votes)
  2. Greece: Demy, “This Is Love” 18.10% (1427 votes)
  3. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 14.45% (1139 votes)
  4. Latvia: Triana Park, “Line” 10.40% (820 votes)
  5. Iceland: Svala, “Park” 7.18% (566 votes)
  6. Moldova: Sunstroke Project, “Hey, Mama!” 7.00% (552 votes)
  7. Cyprus: Hovig, “Gravity” 3.75% (296 votes)
  8. Czech Republic: Martina Barta, “My Turn” 3.51% (277 votes)
  9. Slovenia: Omar Naber, “On My Way” 2.57% (203 votes)

What do you think? Did Artsvik deliver the best first rehearsal? Let us know below!