J’adore! France’s Alma celebrates the romance of Paris during dizzying first rehearsal


She’s a French beauty known for her stunning looks and equally divine voice. And on Friday Alma deployed those attributes yet again during a dazzling first rehearsal inside the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.

Wearing a black and silver dress which she designed herself, the songstress turned the stage into a runway as she marched from camera to camera looking radiant and confident. She’s grown in confidence in recent months and that was visible from start to finish. The Lyon-born stunner is taking in the excitement and turning it into fuel to slay.

In many ways the stage show is built around clichés — but she makes them her own and, owing to some technical tricks, gives them a thoroughly modern spin. The performance opens with a daytime shot of the Paris skyline. Owing to the stage’s spaceship-like quality, it’s almost like aliens have landed in France. But instead we see lovely Alma, who repeatedly nods to her music video. We see the Eiffel Tower on the LED wall and floor, and she literally dances on it and its sides owing to the cameras. Eventually the camera starts to spin and Alma is lost in a dizzying array of images — city buildings, Parisian sky.

The camera cuts need to be tightened — at times the stage swallows Alma. Because of the pattern of her dress she sometimes blends into the buildings behind her, as if she were a window or door. But with a few tweaks and adjustments, she’ll no doubt open those windows and doors and grab a Top 10 finish. Depending on how the second rehearsals go, she’s likely to climb even higher.

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