Second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia and Israel


Kristian Kostov channels loneliness in a vast expanse of grey and black. Fusedmarc get crazy with their LED fire. And Imri Ziv serves Top Model potential while dancing to his club banger. That can only mean we’ve reached another set of Eurovision 2017 second rehearsals. Up next are Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia and Israel.

Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov with “Beautiful Mess”

Working progressive fashion in all black, Kristian Kostov looks like a mini Dima Bilan as he belts it out centre stage in this dark and atmospheric number. He nailed his vocals yet again. But this time producers seemed to keep pace, doing a much better job with the on-screen effects that shoot out of him and round him. Earlier in the week they looked somewhat random and childish. But they’ve been recast and look less squiggly and are more in keeping with this expensive and polished act. The digital rain sequence has extra force and power, providing

Bulgaria’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Kristian Kostov, “Beautiful Mess”: Performance Preview

Lithuania: Fusedmarc with “Rain of Revolution”

Fusedmarc’s fiery red performance remains fiery and red. But today it seemed less like a high-tech bloodbath owing to Victoria’s improved demeanour — she managed to channel passion without looking so angry. In fact, at times she actually seemed to be having fun — albeit in her kooky, avant-garde kind of way. The LED sees dark red mountains spinning in light red sky, and once again the release of circular fire really slays. A bit of variety comes in through the guitarist and backing vocalists, who wear all all black and clap above their heads to the beat as Victoria shrieks “yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Fusedmarc, “Rain of Revolution” Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Fusedmarc, “Rain of Revolution”: Performance Preview

Estonia: Koit Toome and Laura with “Verona”

His wife recently gave birth and his mind was definitely somewhere else during his first rehearsal earlier this week. He repeatedly missed his camera cues and seemed somewhat lost on stage. But on Saturday the handsome crooner finally matched Laura, standing on his white starburst and giving face when the cameras were on him — rather than a few seconds after. He went for a dark black jacket — and one with sequin embellishments — providing an even stronger contrast to Laura, who once again looked like a glamorous swan. When Koit walks onto the stage the white runway still unfolds before him on the floor. But this time it also snakes up the LED wall behind him providing, a truly dramatic start to the number. Polished and poised, this act grows with each run-through.

Vocally they were generally on point. But at times Laura had some very obvious stumbles. The pair laughed them off, showing that their on-stage romance isn’t nearly as troubled as the one they sing about.

Estonia’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Estonia “Verona”: Performance Preview

Israel: Imri Ziv with “I Feel Alive”

He sings about being broken to pieces. But during Saturday’s rehearsal IMRI was anything but broken. He looked sturdy and solid as he vogued down the stage and showed off his biceps in a skin-tight black tank top. The choreography was tighter — IMRI pumps and thrusts and raises his arms in perfect unison with his white-clad backing dancers. Vocally there still seemed to be issues — particularly when he sang the word “alive”, which was frequently. But this was likely down to the mixing as he sounded better in the arena itself. Regardless this is a fantastic closer with buckets of energy and telegenic appeal. It’ll be hard to forget this going into the interval.

Israel’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Israel, “I Feel Alive”: Performance Preview

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