Sube, Sube! Estonia’s Birgit and Tanja cover Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”


At Eurovision 2013 Birgit Oigemeel wowed audiences in a white dress while pregnant with her son. A year later she passed the baton to musical theatre performer Tanja, who sang while a male dancer flung her around his neck.

Now these fine Estonian exports have released a cover of the song of the summer: Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”.

Birgit and Tanja have teamed up with the awkwardly named band The Swingers, who have revamped the reggaeton single with jazz-inspired instuments such as piano, double bass and violin.

Owing to Fonsi’s Puerto Rican roots and taking inspiration from the original music video for the single, they’ve filmed their video on the beach, where the sun reigns and enhances the Latin sound.

Although we’re not inclined to comment on the all-white suits of The Swingers’ male members, we have to shout out to Tanja and Birgit for their contrasting, bright bold dresses. There aren’t many dresses that would compliment both a beach and a jazz bar, but these Estonian Queens have managed to find two of them.

Even though Tanja and Birgit have been absent from the Eurovision bubble for a few years now, they’ve never forgotten the spirit of the contest: spreading love love, peace peace and music across the continent.

“There are about 560 million Spanish speakers and less than 1 million Estonian speakers in the world,” they said in a joint message. “We belong to those less than a million. We think Spanish is almost as beautiful as Estonian so we decided to give it a try to sing in a language we know nothing about. This version is pure fun!”

To our untuned ears, we’d have no idea that Birgit and Tanja didn’t know what they were singing about. But perhaps our Spanish readers disagree.

What do you think about the language barrier, and the cover itself? Will you be streaming this on a beach this month, or do you think Justin Bieber did a better job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!