Czech Republic confirms for Eurovision 2018…with “special focus on stage performance”


They returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 with renewed passion and a much better ear for quality songs.

And on Tuesday the Czech Republic made it clear that they are ready to rebound from last year’s semi-final elimination, confirming in a statement that they will participate at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

Karolína Blinková, the spokeswoman for Czech Television, revealed the submission process for what appears to be an internal selection.

“Any songs not published on any platform before 1 September 2017, and no more than three minutes long, are eligible for registration,” she writes. “Both Czech and foreign composers and performers may apply – the only condition is that at least one of the main vocalists must be Czech. Pieces may be sent to the following email address: [email protected]

Creative producer Jan Potmesil suggests that producers are already drafting their shortlists, communicating with top artists and plotting how to slay the stage in Lisbon.

“Participation has been promised by, among others, performers including Dasha, Thom Artway, Mikolas Josef, Marketa Konvickova, Pavel Callta, Elis Mraz, Yanna, Mariana Pracharova, Annabelle, and the bands Doctor Victor and Eddie Stoilow,” he says.

“The winning artist will get the absolute attention, including performances in at least six European countries on local stages.”

“This season we are going to put special focus on stage performance and look – we would like to prepare everything in Czech Republic and bring it to Portugal. We really appreciate growing interest amongst the Czech musicians and producers. It shows a positive attitude towards the biggest and most spectacular musical show in the world.”

As part of their press release, the Czech Eurovision team gathered some thoughts from their most recent acts.

“I believe that the Czech Republic has enough to offer and show,” says Gabriela Guncikova, the only Czech artist ever to qualify for the grand final and the first to sing at a #WiwiJam. “The Eurovision Song Contest is, above all, a game, and I believe that participating in international games is much healthier than being a part of international conflicts.”

Marta Jandova, who sang with Vaclav Noid Barta in 2015, encouraged other top Czech artists to get in on that game.

“I have to say that both Vaclav and I have gained a lot of new fans from countries all over the world who follow our social networks,” she says. “That alone makes our participation in Eurovision worthwhile. When the performer is somebody who is not well-known to people, such as Martina Barta last year, it is a stunner for them as beginners and for us too, even though we are not beginners anymore.”

In a video interview with Czech TV, she also questioned why some countries send sub-par acts. “What bugs me is the quality of some singers,” she says. “I don’t understand why some countries choose this, when they have so [many] better options in their countries.”

Martina Barta, who recently let fellow Eurovision 2017 act JOWST remix her entry, was effusive.

“Those were the most amazing three months of my life, a great life experience,” she says. “Thanks to Eurovision I have made new friends and I’m still in contact with some of the performers. It is important to find your inner composure before the performance and to avoid unnecessary stress beforehand. The people in front of you haven’t come to hurt you… They’re there to encourage you.”

Are you excited about the list of artists that the Czech Republic is currently exploring? Who do you think could deliver a performance worthy of the grand final? Let us know in the comments box below.

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