Luísa Sobral says Salvador will “completely recover” — and has even written him a new song


She’s the songwriting sister of Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral who stood in for him during the first week of rehearsals in Kyiv.

And in a rare television appearance discussing her brother’s ongoing medical situation, Luísa Sobral has said that she is confident he will return to full health — and to recording new music.

Speaking on Fantástico, a programme from Brazilian broadcaster TV Globo, the mother-of-one made clear that she’s staying positive.

“Of course, I believe that he will completely recover,” she said in the show, which aired on Sunday. “I wrote another song for his next album.”

TV Globo reports that Salvador remains in the Santa Cruz hospital in Lisbon. Thankfully he has been removed from the Intensive Care Unit — a significant development that suggests he is on the mend.

According to the Brazilian television station — which is the largest in South America and which has strong links to Portugal owing to their common language — Salvador remains near the top of the list of patients waiting for a heart transplant.

Salvador’s win at Eurovision 2017 didn’t just boost his popularity at home — it also made him a hero among Portuguese speakers all over the world.

In fact, his winning song “Amar pelos dois” is now the theme song for the daily Brazilian soap opera “Tempo de Amar” (Time to Love).

In September Salvador entered Lisbon’s Santa Cruz Hospital where he is under the observation of a skilled team of doctors who specialise in heart-related issues.

The Santa Cruz hospital is considered a leader in this field. In fact, it was the first hospital in the country ever to perform a heart transplant. The institution’s history and reputation suggest he is receiving the best treatment available.

Prior to entering the hospital, the jazz star gave an emotional farewell concert at the Jardins do Casino Estoril as part of the International Festival of Culture.

The emotional climax came when he was joined by his sister Luisa to sing “Amar pelos dois” — the song she wrote and which he performed brilliantly at Eurovision.

While mouthing the words of the song, Salvador welled up before burying his face in his hands. His sister immediately rushed to his side to embrace the singer, who faced his head away from the cameras.

As ever, the audience channeled nothing but warmth and love for the bohemian musician, who they sent off in style by singing “Amar pelos dois” en masse at the close of the show.

We are pleased to hear that Salvador is holding strong and we look forward to the news of a successful transplant. We send our best wishes and most positive vibes to the Sobrals. 

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