DR reveals goal for Eurovision 2018: “Denmark back in top 10”


Anti Social Media. Lighthouse X. Anja Nissen. Denmark’s past three Eurovision entries have not exactly been one for the ESC history book — unless you’re writing a chapter on countries losing their mojo. But Danish broadcaster DR is determined to remedy the recent string of poor results and has just announced that the mission for 2018 is to get Denmark back in the Eurovision top 10 in Lisbon.

The statement comes in connection with a Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 workshop, which was held on Wednesday and involved a mixed group of DMGP fans, music experts and ordinary music lovers. They met and shared their opinions about 30 pre-selected songs for the upcoming Grand Prix in Aalborg.

According to Dansk Melodi Grand boss Jan Lagermand Lundme, the workshop was put in place to demystify the selection of the Danish grand prix songs.

“There has always been some mystery surrounding the selection of songs, and there is actually no reason for that, because there is nothing mystical about it”, the Dane tells DR’s Grand Prix Website. “So last year we decided to do everything we could to open up the process and that’s what we are doing this year too.”

And with the mixed group of workshop participants, DR is hoping to get the best possible songs selected for Dansk Melodi Grand so Denmark once again can get a top 10 result.

“By listening to a broad combination of fans, people from the music industry and ordinary Danes we get a lot of people’s opinions and we thereby secure that we select the best 10 songs”, Jan Lagermand Lundme explains.

One of the participants was Linda Andrews, a former Danish X Factor winner and backing singer for Anja Nissen at this year’s Eurovision. She was very impressed by the high standard.

“I think there were some really exciting and strong songs in the pool,” she says. “Songs which reflect what is happening in the music that is popular these days – for instance the country element was something we heard”.

The 10 songs and artists that will battle for the victory in Aalborg in February will be decided at a later date, but DR sure has put all its energy into finding the best for the show. It will be exciting to see if they can live up to the expectations they’re laying down.

What do YOU think? Do you think that 2018 will be the year that Denmark gets a new top 10 ranking? What kind of songs are you hoping there will be at DMGP? And do you think that the Danes should call on a foreign jury or consultants to help them determine what might work at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments box below.