Latvia: Supernova 2018 producers reveal that 72% of People’s Jury responses were dislikes


In October producers of Supernova — Latvia’s Eurovision 2018 national selection — launched a “People’s Jury” that allowed anyone and everyone to like and dislike each of the 63 song submissions.

And dislike they did, resulting in an overall negative impression of the songs on show. Of the 152,082 evaluations that producers received, a whopping 110,316 of them were Nepatik — the thumbs down. That’s more than 72% of all ratings. Just 41,946 ratings were Patik — the thumbs up.  

However, in any wide-open submission process you’re going to get plenty of dross. What’s more important is that a handful of songs have managed to find widespread support. Apparently one song in the People’s Jury is the clear leader, while second position is occupied by nine songs with very similar ratings.

We’d wager a bet that the song at the front of the pack is “Esamiba”, which instantly stood out to us — and many of you — for its spiritual and classic qualities.

During the open listening period we heard a lot of tropical house, songs of self-confidence, a few love love peace peace tunes, and a reggae number with the unusual title “Stop The War U2”.

The overall rankings will now be passed on to the Supernova selection panel. They’ll meet on November 5 at the Alfa shopping mall to listen to the entries and decide which ones deserve a spot in the semi-finals. The auditions are open to the public, who, while surely being respectful, will test the acts in their own way and help gage whether they have what it takes to perform live in front of an audience.

“It is important for us to give different tasks to participants at the very beginning of the competition in order to test them in different, not so comfortable situations,” says producer Ilze Jansone. “So the first year of hearing is organized in the Alfa shopping mall.”

Last year a total of 22 songs made it to the heats.

What do you think of the overall negative impression of the songs? Which ten songs do you think are clustered near the top? Let us know in the comments box below.