Junior Eurovision 2017: Running order sees Cyprus sing first and Italy last


When audiences tune in for Junior Eurovision 2017 this Sunday, they may want to have their dancing shoes at the ready. That’s because Cyprus’ Nicole Nicolaou will open the show with her Mediterranean dance number “I Wanna Be a Star”.

The fresh, upbeat number is no doubt a producer’s dream opener, but it was, of course, the result of chance. Nicole drew first position in this evening’s running order draw during the Opening Ceremony.

Italy’s Maria Iside Fiore drew position number 16, and will close the show with her inspirational ballad “Scelgo (My Choice)”.

Georgia’s Grigol Kipshidze — the host country’s star, who will drop the ballad “Voice of the Heart” — will perform ninth.

The remaining contestants all drew “empty” boxes, and as such their fate in the running order was decided by producers, whose job it is to create the most interesting show possible — aka, spacing out ballads and dance numbers so there’s never a sense of monotony.

In their mind, that means following the fun Cypriot entry with Poland’s Alicja Rega, whose dramatic ballad “Mój Dom” is a stark contrast. The Dutch boy band Fource  (“Love Me”) takes things pop and uptempo again, before Armenia’s Misha throws his own dramatic ballad “Boomerang”.

Belarus’ Helena Meraai comes next with “I Am the One”, followed by Portugal’s Mariana Venâncio with “Youtuber”, Ireland’s Muireann McDonnell with “Súile Glasa” and FYR Macedonia’s Mina Blažev with “Dancing Through Life”. The electro-ballad, bossa nova, Irish folk and euro-dance ordering is a real mishmash to say the least!

Georgia opens up the second half of the show, followed by Albania’s Ana Kodra with “Mos ma prekni pemën”, Ukraine’s Anastasiya Baginska with “Don’t Stop”, and Malta’s Gianluca Cilia with “Dowra Tond”.

The final lot of songs include a number of fan favourites.

Russia’s Polina Bogusevich performs “Wings” in 13th position, before Serbia’s Irina Brodic and Jana Paunovic with “Ceo Svet Je Naš”, Australia’s Isabella Clarke with “Speak Up!” and Italy’s Maria Iside Fiore with “Scelgo (My Choice)”.

The kiddies — and indeed our Georgian blogger Rezo and guest photographer Marc Mingels — had a blast. We’ll be sure to upload all of our snaps from the party in a special post/gallery on wiwibloggs by the morning. As for now, be sure to follow us on Instagram for plenty of live-action shots!