Czech Republic: Six acts to contest Eurovision 2018 national selection


On September 26 they opened submissions for Eurovision 2018, ultimately receiving more than 400 entries.

And today Czech broadcaster CT revealed that it would whittle all those songs and performers down to just six lucky finalists for its Eurovision 2018 national final.

As reports, officials expect the quality and eventual Eurovision result to be much stronger than ten years ago, when the Czech Republic staged its last selection show.

Jan Frost Bors, the country’s new Head of Delegation, explained that this year’s selection will allow viewers to vote via the official Eurovision app and that an international jury will also vote to help the act appeal to foreign ears.

The selection has generated a great deal of foreign interest among songwriters.

Of the more than 400 submissions, just 36 came from Czech writers.

Back in September, creative producer Jan Potmesil suggested that producers had already been in contact with some top local talent and said that CT would go big on promotion.

“Participation has been promised by, among others, performers including Dasha, Thom Artway, Mikolas Josef, Marketa Konvickova, Pavel Callta, Elis Mraz, Yanna, Mariana Pracharova, Annabelle, and the bands Doctor Victor and Eddie Stoilow,” he said.

“The winning artist will get the absolute attention, including performances in at least six European countries on local stages.”

Should the Czech Republic send Mikolas Josef to Eurovision 2018 with “Lie to Me”?

“This season we are going to put special focus on stage performance and look – we would like to prepare everything in Czech Republic and bring it to Portugal. We really appreciate growing interest amongst the Czech musicians and producers. It shows a positive attitude towards the biggest and most spectacular musical show in the world.”

Mikolas Josef — a perennial favourite among Czech Eurovision fans — has confirmed that he submitted his new single “Lie to Me” to the selection.

A current song with an infectious rhythm and a fresh beat, it would break CT’s streak of ballads: this number mixes trap music, R&B and pop to great effect and comes with some seriously saucy lyrics. As he says, “Oh, she a good girl at home, but her skirt goes up like Marilyn Monroe.”

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