Germany: NDR reveals first bunch of national final acts… and there are some big names


They have been all out of luck at Eurovision for the last few years. But Germany is about to get its groove back! This week, half of the remaining acts taking part in the upgraded selection process have been revealed. And there are some experienced performers in the mix.

Back in October, broadcaster NDR revealed the overworked concept for their national selection. Shortly after, they introduced an online application-round where singers could apply. Next to that, they also contacted record companies and management of well-known artists. In the end, over 4000 acts were in the running to become Germany’s Eurovision 2018 hopeful. Producers soon whittled them down to 200.

As we reported earlier, the so-called Europe panel — consisting of 100 Germans who reflect Europe’s musical taste — was responsible for selecting the best 20 candidates out of the remaining 200. To do this, the panel gathered in different German cities. There, producers showed them short video clips of all 200 acts. After some weeks, the best 20 were found. But NDR kept their names secret — until now!

On Wednesday, the Eurovision workshop started in Cologne, where the 20 remaining artists took part. Not only did they get vocal lessons from experienced coaches, but they also produced new 90-second clips. These clips will show who they are and what kind of musical style the audience can expect from them.

After the workshop period, the clips will once again be shown to the Europe panel AND the international jury. Together they will decide which five acts will get the chance of competing in the German national final.

To make things more transparent, broadcaster NDR decided to let German media attend the workshop. But to still keep some secrets, only what happened on days three, four and five could be made public. But from this we now know who nine of the remaining 20 acts are. But who is in the lineup? Let’s take a closer look.

Ivy Quainoo

Let’s start with one of the most well-known artists so far: Ivy Quainoo, winner of the very first season The Voice of Germany. Back in 2012, she won the show by a landslide and five years later you can still hear some of her songs on German radio stations. Ivy was born and raised in Berlin and her parents are Ghanaian. She currently lives in New York, but for the last few months, she was touring Germany.


Are you ready for some Trackshittaz-déjà vu? But unlike the Austrian group, these guys are not rapping, but singing and yodelling – in Bavarian! Known for combining their charming attitude with a modern yet traditional folk music sound, their community is huge. VoXXclub’s song “Rock mi” even counts more than 19 million YouTube views. These five guys are more than ready for Eurovision and were often considered by German fans in the past.


This singing duo is not big in Germany yet, but their members are! Singer Jay Oh won Germany’s Got Talent two years ago — accidentally! Originally he attended the pre-recorded TV casting as an audience member, wanting to watch the candidates on stage. During a break, he began to sing, to keep the rest of the audience entertained. One of the judges heard him singing and offered him a place in the show. He wowed everyone and won the whole thing. Earlier this year, Jay met reality show-actress Diana and when they realized how great they sound together, they established ZweiLand.

The other six known acts so far are British-French singer Xavier Darcy, newly formed girl group LauraAubreyWanja and four former The Voice candidates: Danyal Demir, Lara Loft, Vinh Khuat and Boris Alexander Stein.

It is also known that on the first two workshop days, five singers took part. Additionally, a mysterious band entered the workshop just yesterday — but they don’t want their name to be revealed yet. After it was announced that this band consists of four members with a female vocalist, German fans presume it could be popular band Frida Gold. Including this band, 15 acts have taken part at the Eurovision-workshop so far. According to NDR, the rest will follow next week.

It’s not known yet, when we will get to know the names of the remaining 11 workshop acts. However, it was revealed that the final five candidates out of this 20 will be known in January. The German national final will then take place at the end of February 2018 either in Cologne or in capital Berlin with the five selected acts. Every act will sing one song at the final.

What do you think of the Germans acts known so far? Who is your favourite and who would you like to see representing Germany in Lisbon next May? Tell us below!