Latvia: Wiwi Jury reviews Agnese Stengrevics with “You Are My World”


The Wiwi Jury, our in-house team of music unprofessionals, are on to their third song in Latvia’s Supernova 2018. Today, they’re taking a look at Agnese Stengrevics, with her track “You Are My World”.

Agnese co-wrote the song with her father, Helvijs. Agnese’s career has so far seen her take part in a number of talent shows, winning both Baltic Talent in 2014, and Riga Symphony in 2016.

Does the Jury think she has a shot at winning Supernova too? See their thoughts below:

Agnese Stengrevics — “You Are My World”

“You Are My World” Reviews

Chris: There’s nothing too wrong with “You Are My World”. The only problem is that it’s otherwise almost aggressively bland, even compared to the rest of the Supernova field. Agnese’s vocal — like the rest of the song — just seems to all fade in to nothingness. The lyrics, too, seem far too basic to work. It’d take a lot more production and stage work for this to seem worthy of a good finish at Supernova.

Score: 4/10

Edgars: To its credit, maybe “You Are My World” isn’t the most generic song at Supernova. But it’s still hard to see it in the finals. Yes, Agnese can sing and there is some energy in the track, but there’s nothing fresh or catchy to find in these three minutes.

Score: 5/10

Robyn: “You Are My World” is very pleasant, but there’s nothing special about it. It’s like any electro-pop that could be found floating around the top 40 for a couple of weeks. Despite the few flourishes in the song, it’s lacking any stand-out qualities that would make for a memorable Eurovision performance.

Score: 5/10

Bernardo: The only thing that is not generic in “You Are My World” is Agnese’s smooth, mysterious voice. The track, though, is overly produced and at some points it doesn’t allow you to enjoy Agnese’s voice. If it’s like this in the studio version, imagine the live performance. It promises, but never delivers — which is a shame.

Score: 5.5/10

Agnese Stengrevics Supernova 2018 2Antranig: “You Are My World” ticks a lot of Eurovision clichés. Some really cringe-worthy lyrics in what’s ultimately a love song, with a shouty chorus. This isn’t necessarily bad, though, because it’s a formula that can yield success. Agnese has a decent song, but this needs a strong revamp to make it past the Eurovision semi-finals.

Score: 6.5/10

Jordi: Supernova tends to be truly electrifying – and Agnese is serving it impressively this year. “You Are My World” is refreshing and pure contemporary pop. It makes you want to dance all song long. With a delightful electric upbeat base, the song manages to build quite well until the end, while also creating atmosphere. The song will need impressive staging though, as those electropop rhythms aren’t new in Eurovision. Altogether though, a well-crafted composition.

Score: 7/10

Luis: Would I turn off the radio if this popped up? No. Would I listen to this at will? No. The only remarkable thing about this is Agnese’s voice, which would definitely shine brighter in a song with some personality. We’re looking for Latvia’s act at Eurovision 2018. The only thing here, is a singer providing lyrics to any DJ-led song. Nothing bad about that, but Eurovision needs the main course, not a side dish.

Score: 5/10

In our Latvia Wiwi Jury, we have 14 jurors but only room for 7 reviews. The rest of our scores can be found below:

William: 4.5/10

Kristin: 6.5/10

Lukas: 6/10

Natalie: 7.5/10

Jonathan: 7.5/10

Jovana: 8/10

Steinunn: 6/10





Before calculating the average score, the highest and lowest scores are dropped. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 4 and a high of 8.


With that score then, Agnese takes the lead of our Jury so far – but we’re only three songs in, of course! What do you think of “You Are My World”? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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