San Marino: 1 in 360 films in Slovakia after Austria recording sessions


San Marino’s 1 in 360 search for a Eurovision star continues to build hype before its first show. We now know all eleven acts taking part, as well as the identity of the three judges.

One thing we don’t know yet is when the show will air. In public, at least, 1 in 360 have been very quiet so far this year — offering only a tweet promising “announcements in coming days”:

But whilst it’s been quiet in public, behind the scenes it seems like a lot has been happening. Social media has been filled with little snippets from contestants about what we might expect.

1 in 360: recording in Austria

The acts first set off for recording sessions in Vienna. From what we’ve gathered, acts worked on a number of songs – including performing backing vocals for each other.

San Marino’s IROL suggested that his entries may in fact be duets — backed up by fellow wildcard Giovanni Montalbano’s Facebook post. Here, IROL is listed as performing “Sorry” featuring “Basti” (presumably Sebastian Schmidt) and “Stuck Without Me” featuring Jessika.

RTV’s video, meanwhile, shows “Stay” — listed as a song for Sebastian Schmidt — has writers including Zoe & Christof Straub.

No matter what the outcome of the recording sessions, it’s clear that the talent has really bonded:

1 in 360: filming in Slovakia

Part of the mystery surrounding 1 in 360 has been just what form the shows will take and when. An early leak suggested that the first show would air on January 27 — but RTV’s schedule shows no sign of 1 in 360. Could this mean a February air date?

One thing we do know is that some shows have already been filmed in Slovakia. Local news there filmed a brief report on the tapings, which took place in the last week.

The judges were also present, as shown by IROL’s picture with Neon Hitch. What role they’ll play and how voting will work still seems to be a slight mystery. Given the deviations from their initial press conference, we’re just going to wait and see y’all!

Are you looking forward to 1 in 360? Who do you want to win? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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