Romania: Three more acts advance from Semi-Final 4 to Selectia Nationala final


Tonight’s Semi-Final 4 of Romania‘s Selectia Nationala took place 90 meters underground. Three acts soared to victory, though, and made it to the next stage of the contest. Claudia Andas, TIRI and your favourite Feli took it to the next level and the jury took notice. Let’s break it down!

In a Eurovision national selection first, TVR staged the fourth semi-final of the Romanian national selection in a salt mine in Turda, in the heart of Transylvania.

The broadcaster lowered over 20 tons of equipment and 13 kilometers of cables in to Rudolf salt mine. The setting, just like the acoustics, was unique, and provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to the 12 semi-finalists to showcase their voices and shine. It was certainly the best looking Romanian heat of 2018 — although the temperature in the salt mine was actually just 10 degrees Celsius.

Ultimately, jury members Marian Ionescu, Ilinca Bacila, Nicu Patoi, Liliana Stefan, and Viorel Gavrila chose these three acts to advance to the grand final on 25 February. TIRI and Feli both shared second place, while the winner of the heat was a surprise: Claudia Andas, who was the last to perform. Another interesting fact is that all three singers found fame on The Voice of Romania, although in different years.

Selectia Nationala: Semi-Final 4 Qualifiers

1. Claudia Andas – “The One” (56 points)

2. TIRI – “Desert de sentimente” ( 43 points)

3. Feli – “Buna de iubit” (43 points)

Full results of Semi-final 4

1. Claudia Andas – 56 points
2. TIRI – 43 points
2. Feli – 43 points
4. Nicoleta Ticala – 40 points
5. Lion’s Roar – 29 points
6. Ioana Ciornea – 24 points
7. Paula Crisan – 17 points
8. ZØLTAN – 12 points
9. Alice Jeckel – 12 points
10. Bernice Chitiul – 11 points
11. Dan Manciulea – 3 points
12. Cristian Simionescu – 0 points

Tonight’s show also included performances by vocal group Ad Libitum Voices and the 2009 representative Elena, who showed that “The Balkan Girls” can party like no other — even underground. Our first Eurovision Next Top Model looked just as good now and she did in 2009. Changing several outfits and sporting her trademark fiery red hair, Elena heated up the atmosphere in the salt mine with bops like her Eurovision song “The Balkan Girls” and domestic hits “Amar Tu Vida”,  “Ecou”, “Soarele meu”, “Vocea ta”, and “Midnight Sun”.

The other nine finalists so far, chosen by the jury in the other semi-finals, are:

  • Alexia & Matei – “Walking On Water”
  • Echoes – “Mirror”
  • Eduard Santha – “Me Som Romales”
  • Jukebox feat Bella Santiago – “Auzi cum bate”
  • M I H A I – “Heaven”
  • Rafael & Friends – “We Are One”
  • Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin – “All The Love Away”
  • Xandra – “Try”
  • VYROS – “La La La”

The last Romanian semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2018 will take place in Sighisoara next Sunday. In 2018, which marks 100 years of Romania’s existence as a unified state, TVR is staging five semi-finals in five different cities under the slogan “Eurovision Unites Romania”.

On 25 February, at the grand final in the capital Bucharest, the winner will be crowned solely by the public, via televote.

What did you think of tonight’s show? Did the right acts make it through? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!