WATCH: Selectia Nationala’s Feli drops “Royalty” video


Just as we published the snippets of the English version of her Selectia Nationala entry “Buna de iubit”, Feli has decided to waste no more time and to release the entire song, entitled “Royalty”, together with the video. She’s thus giving us a taste of what she will perform in Lisbon, should she win Romania‘s National Final this Sunday.

As we expected, the Romanian diva shot both versions of the video in the same location, in Peníscola, Spain. “Every woman around is down with me / We are royalty,” Feli sings, surrounded by beautiful women on the steps of that “Game of Thrones” castle.

While the English version of the song keeps the same melody and instrumental, the new version is quite sassier, with lyrics like “All hail the queen” instead of the Romanian “Lasa rufele” (“Leave the laundry”) for instance. Nonetheless, the message of the song remains the same: women are the queens of our world and need to be revered and celebrated as such.

Feli has hinted at the fact that she will perform the song in English, should she win Selectia Nationala 2018, and if this is the final version, we think it’s very appropriate for Lisbon and for 2018, a year of female empowerment. And, while Feli is currently second in our poll, we’re sure that she can be the queen of Romania’s National Final, with the right attitude and dynamic staging on Sunday.

We’re curious though: which version do you prefer? Is it the Romanian language of “Buna de iubit” or do you prefer “Royalty”? Let us know by voting in our snap poll below. You can only vote for one of the two options.

At the moment, it is not clear which version of “Buna de iubit” Feli will perform on Sunday, during the Selectia Nationala National Final. Fans are speculating that, after she performed the Spanish version at the live auditions and the Romanian version in the semi-finals, she will sing in English in the final, but the singer has not confirmed the rumours.

What do you think? Does “Royalty” make Feli good for loving (“Buna de iubit”)? Let us know in the comment section below!