The Netherlands: Waylon presents “Back Together”, first of five potential Eurovision entries


Nearly a month ago, Waylon revealed that he would present five new songs from his upcoming album The World Can Wait. One of these five songs will be his Eurovision entry, but which one will remain a secret until next Friday. Today, he sang the first of those songs, “Back Together”. 

Waylon says that all five songs were self-penned in the country capital itself, Nashville.  Instead of the selection comittee chosing the song, Waylon revealed that he had chosen by himself.

He also revealed that he will go alone on stage with Hans Pannecoucke — who also did the Common Linnets’ staging (and Trijntje’s disaster) — being his director.

Waylon — Back Together

Waylon presented his song live during the broadcast of the talk show De Wereld Draait Door. The four remaining songs — called “Outlaw in Em”, “The World Can Wait”, “That’s How She Goes” and “Thanks But No Thanks” — are to be presented in the next four broadcasts of the show, from 26 February through to 1 March.

A day later on 2 March, Waylon will reveal which of the five songs is his Eurovision entry.  Waylon is aware of the possibility that the general public might not receive his chosen Eurovision entry well and would prefer another. He said on an earlier visit at DWDD:

“If I am nervous? No, that does not make sense to me. Not [nervous] about the reception as well.”

The presentation of “Calm After The Storm” as part of the Common Linnets in 2014 caused a generally mixed to negative reaction among the Dutch audience and celebrities. RTL Boulevard panelist Albert Verlinde famously stated that he would eat his chair if the Common Linnets would win Eurovision with what he deemed as a “funeral song”.

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