Eurovision odds: Czech Republic’s Mikolas Josef narrows on favourite Bulgaria


When we last checked on the Eurovision betting odds on February 11, Bulgaria was sitting pretty as the favourite to win it all with odds as low as 13/2. At that time the Czech Republic‘s Mikolas Josef was down as seventh favourite with odds as low as 16/1.

As more and more entries have been revealed in recent days, Bulgaria has held steady at the top with odds as low as 5/1. This may be down partly to the hype, confirmed by Aftonbladet, that Loreen had been in talks about potentially representing Bulgaria at Eurovision…though their sources say she won’t do it after all. In any event, hype lingers about their entry — and their hunger to win Eurovision is already well-established.

And while Bulgaria has narrowed, the Czech Republic has narrowed more significantly, with Mikolas’ odds now as low as 7/1. He has leapt past Estonia, Finland, Australia and Belgium. He is now the highest-ranked act of those who have actually revealed their competing entry for Eurovision. Spain is down as seventh favourite, followed by Italy in 11th and France in 12th.

Eurovision 2018: Odds to win (28 February at 19:20 GMT)

A number of the acts currently near the top will choose their Eurovision songs this weekend.

Estonia, currently the third favourite with the bookies, will stage the final of Eesti Laul on Saturday. It’s thought that Elina and her operatic number “La Forza” have paved the way for the country’s high ranking with the bookies. Can she survive at home and make their predictions a reality?

Finland, who sits just behind Estonia as fourth favourite, will also choose its song that evening. Saara Aalto — who has turned heads with her provocative costume choices — will choose between a contemporary ballad called “Domino”, an off-kilter and upbeat number called “Queens” and fan front-runner “Monsters”.

Despite ongoing dismay over the quality of songs in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, the country remains fifth favourite to win, owing, perhaps, to its record of success at Eurovision rather than its actual chances in 2018.

Switzerland, who chose the song “Stones” from the duo Zibbz, is currently in last position with the bet makers.

What do you think about the latest table? Do you think Czech Republic can challenge for the win? Let us know down below!

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