Hungary: Eurovision stars react to AWS win…as band says they’ll continue their tour


In the moments after they won A Dal — Hungary’s national selection for Eurovision 2018 — the members of AWS struggled to speak.

“We are really happy right now and we can’t say a word,” the drummer Aaron told us inside the MTVA studios. They didn’t expect to win, he admitted, and the enormity of it all was clearly still sinking in.

And while he may have been at a loss for what to say, Hungary’s earlier Eurovision stars were not. They had plenty of words for the post-hardcore band, and we’ve compiled their thoughts below.

Last year’s entrant Joci Pápai performed his Eurovision entry “Origo” as an interval act during the show.

He was really amazed by the group’s performance, which featured plenty of lights and fire.

“Congratulations to the guys!” the Romani star wrote on his Facebook page. “They rock hard!”

Everyone’s favourite hipster boy ByeAlex shared his rather short and frank reaction on social media, too.

He suggested that the competition hasn’t been of much interest recently, and that AWS breathed new life into the apparently tired format.

“I’ve not followed A Dal for years now… but this time I rooted really hard for AWS… Congrats, guys.”

András Kállay-Saunders didn’t react to the final — and that may have been because he was still fuming that his favourite Ceasefire X didn’t make the final.

On February 18 he took to Facebook to congratulation all those acts advancing in the contest…but expressed his dismay that “one of the best men’s voices in Hungary” didn’t make it through. “This is unbelievable,” he wrote.


In our interview the group made it clear that they’re all about the live performances.

“We don’t want to be a show band — we want to be a concert band like we are,” the lead singer Örs says.

At the moment they’re touring the country with two rock bands and plan to finish their tour despite their upcoming Eurovision commitments. They’re also planning a gig in London, so stay tuned. And if you do you might just hear guitarist Bence doing his best impression of Alvin from the Chipmunks.

They’re surprise at their success remains part of their charm, and they haven’t yet adopted the diva-like qualities you may have expected. After winning the second semi-final of A Dal, the group told us they just wanted a beer.

“We didn’t expect that we would have that many points from our fans or anybody, so we’re happy about it,” Aaron said.

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