The Eurovision 2024 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 14

Aiko – “White Flag”

Aiko is ready to represent the Czech Republic in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Besides her dazzling appearances at pre-parties, Aiko has also released a new powerful dark pop track. The song delves into the theme of surrendering after heartbreak in a relationship, while raising a white flag to stop the pain: “I’m raising a white flag/ And I’m on my knees now/ I’m raising a white flag/ Over and over, you’d think that I’d learn by now.” These lyrics convey the struggle of holding onto emotions despite enduring pain.

In the music video, Aiko is surrounded by fire, singing from within a circle of flames, symbolising her intense emotions. The video also plays with contrasts of light and darkness, showcasing Aiko’s fabulous and confident looks. Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious energy of this track!

Kalush Orchestra – “Вітер виє”

A powerful love song comes from Ukraine. Kalush Orchestra, the winners of Eurovision 2022, present their unique take on love with a style that combines rap with traditional elements, showcasing their incredible skills and poetic lyrics. The song, titled “The Wind Howls,” is accompanied by a black and white music video that features the band’s members. The lyrics are poetic and convey the idea that passing time and life’s challenges only strengthen love: “The wind is howling, and I am gazing/ At your eyelashes/ And God is behind them/ Though the moon is turning grey in the sky/ Love will not grow old as long as we are together/ People grow old, dreams grow old/ But not the soul and not love.” The song beautifully expresses the enduring nature of love and the timeless connection between souls.

About their new song, the band’s leader Oleg said:

“Yo. You know, I have written more than 100 songs about love and I realised that you don’t write off only when your love is really true. That’s why in each of my love songs I reveal it in a new way, because I have been feeling it with all my fibres for 3 years. And as I often say, people can confuse falling in love with love, because falling in love is when you take, and love is when you give.”

MACE feat. Marco Mengoni, Frah Quintale & Gemitaiz – “FUOCO DI PAGLIA”

An interesting collaboration comes from Italy. MACE has teamed up with several artists, including Marco Mengoni who represented Italy in 2013 and 2023, along with Frah Quintale and Gemitaiz. Their song is a profound R&B-gospel track that blends rap verses with Marco’s flawless vocals. The song is titled “Straw Fire,” which is an Italian expression describing something that burns brightly and intensely for a short time but then quickly fades or disappears. In a figurative sense, it captures something short-lived, much like the love described in the lyrics: “Since you arrived, you, you, you, you/ Everything is a straw fire/ And sometimes I try to tell you/ Sometimes I try to tell you/ And I burn my lips.”

Elena Tsagrinou – “S’exo Kanei Theo”

Elena represented Cyprus proudly in 2021. Her new song is a powerful ballad that showcases Elena’s emotional and compelling voice. Titled “I Have Made You God,” the song delves into a love that places someone at the center of your world. Get captivated by Elena’s stunning vocals and the depth of emotion in this heartfelt ballad.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Better Days”

Benjamin Ingrosso is back with another captivating pop track. He represented Sweden in 2018 and has been shining ever since. His new song carries a pop sound infused with a retro vibe reminiscent of the late 70s and early 80s. Filled with optimism, Benjamin confidently sings about moving towards brighter days ahead: “I see them better days ahead/ We’re gonna make it there/ I swear.” The song is accompanied by a visually intriguing music video featuring a Pop Art style, combining elements of stop-motion animation and collage art to create a cool retro effect.

ALEKSEEV & YAROMIYA – “Більш ніж друг”

ALEKSEEV, who competed in Eurovision back in 2018, collaborates with the Ukrainian artist YAROMIYA. Their song is called “More than a Friend” and it’s the perfect love tune to add to your playlists. The song is about expressing your feelings and reaching the point where you confess that someone is more than just a friend, making your first love confession. The music video has a chill and relaxed vibe, allowing listeners to focus on the music. “If you are a waterfall/ I am a mountain/ That you embrace so passionately/ If you’re more than a friend, then it’s time/ Confess that you love me.” The song encourages acknowledging something you already know and feel. The tune is serene and sweet, making it a wonderful love anthem.

About their new song, ALEKSEEV said:

“This song is about that most cherished moment when the time has come to say: you are more than a friend to me, because I love you. It is about the feeling of goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach.”

Koza & Holehead feat. Michał Szpak, Adi Nowak & Jowiszja – “Opio”

Michał Szpak, who represented Poland in 2016, has collaborated with Koza, Holehead, Adi Nowak, and Jowiszja to create an addictive rap track. Michał’s soft voice complements the track perfectly, adding a certain sensitivity to it. Describing the song, the former Polish representative expressed: “It’s like the first hit of an opiate, you have to embrace it… I had no idea what an opioid-romantic journey this song would take us on.”

Magdolna Rúzsa – “Matricák”

Magdi Rúzsa competed for Hungary in 2007. Her new song, titled “Stickers,” is guaranteed to stick in your ears. The song has a retro, energetic vibe that will make you want to whistle along. “Surrender yourself to the night/ Dance with me, please/ If the past tempts you/ Hand in hand, heart to heart/ Shoulder to shoulder/ There’s no way back” – the song speaks about living in the moment and dancing away your worries, inviting lovers to remain forever stuck together like stickers.

Gaitana – Сонце в тобі

Gaitana represented Ukraine in 2012. She has released a new album titled The Sun is in You, which takes listeners on a musical journey through various genres. The album features 12 tracks, all in Ukrainian. You’ll discover deep ballads like “Сніг” (Snow) alongside a variety of retro dance songs such as “Танці з зірками” (Dancing with the Stars) that will get you dancing. The album also includes a live performance of “Біль мене не лякає” (Pain Does Not Scare Me). Finally, on the last track titled “Диво” (Diva), Gaitana collaborates with Orest in an acoustic rendition that shares the same chorus as “Танці з зірками” (Dancing with the Stars).

Aminata & Sudden Lights – “Ataust rīts”

A powerful collaboration has emerged from Latvia, where two former Eurovision representatives have joined forces to release a track together. We’re talking about Aminata, who amazed us all in 2015, and the Latvian alternative rock band Sudden Lights, who competed in Eurovision last year. The song, titled “Morning Dawns,” is fresh and modern yet filled with serenity and peacefulness, showcasing perfect vocal blending between Aminata and Andrejs from Sudden Lights.

Kállay Saunders feat. Ashref – “Breathing”

Kállay Saunders competed at Eurovision in 2014, and his new song has significant radio potential, sounding like an early summer anthem. “Let me love you in the morning/ Let me love you in the evening/ Let me love you when you’re breathing/ Even when you’re dreaming/ I can’t hide this feeling” – the lyrics express the overwhelming feeling of being deeply in love with your significant other and wanting to spend every moment together. The music video serves as a reminder that sometimes, all you need is love.

O.Torvald – “Втома”

Ukrainian rock band O.Torvald represented their country in Eurovision 2017. They have now released a new album titled Fatigue along with a music video for the title track. The music video is simple yet profound, expressing the consequences of fatigue. The album features 10 tracks, all in Ukrainian, and is a perfect choice for rock fans interested in songs with deep messages. According to the band, the album reflects their personal feelings and experiences. One notable track, “704,” opens the album and serves as a rock masterpiece, symbolising the 704 days of full-scale invasion in Ukraine. The album captures the emotions the band members lived through during this period, emotions that they had never expressed to each other before.

The band added:

‘”Fatigue’ is about the experience of treatment for post-traumatic syndrome, and nostalgia for the past, and the pain of the present. In the album, you will not hear speculative tracks on the war, manifestos and artificial patriotism. Just us, six people, what we have become in the last 704 days…”

Timebelle – “Into a God”

Timebelle are a lovely trio from Switzerland who participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. Their new song has a dark and romantic vibe, reminiscent of a perfect James Bond movie soundtrack. The lyrics express the intensity of love, comparing it to worship: “Cause you make me…/ You make me feel/ Something so real.” The track describes a powerful and unstoppable love, while hinting at a dynamic of power within the relationship.

Vincent Bueno – “PRAISES”

Are you ready for some gospel vibes? Vincent Bueno was selected to represent Austria in 2020, but the contest was cancelled, so he returned to represent Austria again in 2021. His new track will definitely get you dancing with its perfect pop dance vibe, all while praising Jesus. Vincent wants to make music about what matters to him and what brings peace to him. He has expressed this by saying:

“My peace doesn’t come from the approval of the world because what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Can I get a hallelujah?”

Sure, Vincent: Hallelujah!

You can also find Vincent featured on the new single “Anker”, alongside rapper PRAY.

Get ready for some perfect groovy vibes with this track! Kasper, a Danish DJ, has brought a retro song back into the spotlight with a club touch. He enlisted Oilly Wallace to add saxophone to the track, and together they collaborated with Systur, the lovely trio of sisters who represented Iceland in Eurovision 2022. The original version of “Corridor of Dreams” belongs to the English band The Cleaners From Venus and was released in 1982. The lyrics speak about the solitary journey towards achieving one’s dreams: “It’s a corridor of dreams that gave me everything I own/ And I travelled ’round the world and I never really had a home/ And the one thing I learned was I never want to be alone.”

Laura Tesoro – “Still” / Clouseau – “Ik Wil Je Terug”

Laura Tesoro (Belgium, 2016) and Clouseau (Belgium, 1991) are participating in the Belgian TV show Liefde voor Muziek (Love for Music), where artists come together and perform covers of each other’s songs. This week, it was all about Clouseau. The duo themselves gave a new rendition of their song “Ik Wil Je Terug”.

Laura decided to put a twist on “Stil”, which Clouseau originally released in 2022. The new English-language version of the song speaks about finding strength in the face of negative events in life. This particular song has always resonated with Laura from Clouseau’s discography.

EFENDI – “Ay Sevgilim”

We conclude this week with a song from Azerbaijan by Efendi. She was initially selected to represent Azerbaijan for the cancelled 2020 contest, but she made a powerful return in 2021. Her new song is titled “My Love,” and it embodies the style of traditional Azerbaijani music. This song offers a unique experience to appreciate Azerbaijani culture and Efendi’s captivating voice. “I have loved you forever/ You are my heart’s desire/ The reason for my feelings/ Oh my love.” It’s the perfect track to enjoy with your loved one!

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 month ago

The Benjamin Ingrosso one just randomly turned up in my youtube recs. I didn’t much like his Eurovision entry – found in juvenile and just dumb. But its been a few years and his style could have changed since then – and boy did it. Unfortunately, it got much worse.

1 month ago

Can anyone verify if the semi finals have always been in the same week as the final? I’m having an argument with my mother

1 month ago
Reply to  Anhel

Yes. Back when it was just one semifinal it was on the Thursday

1 month ago
Reply to  Denis