During our interview in London he claimed not to have any fans and went viral as a result. And so we had no choice but to catch up with Montenergo’s Vanja Radovanovic once again at Amsterdam’s Eurovision in Concert.

The “Inje” balladeer tells our William that he is not a man who wants to stand in the celebrity spotlight. Hence why he previously told Deban that he had “no fans” — we’re sure he has plenty now. Vanja elaborates on that sentiment in Amsterdam: “You can like somebody’s music and adore it, but I’m just the guy delivering it.”.

He also shares the meaning behind “Inje”, which means “Frost” and how often he feels the frost himself.

“Everybody feels it, when you feel sad, but it’s not only about that. It’s about that you feel it and still manage some way to use love for yourself”, he says. “Even when the other side is not feeling it, you are just like, ‘okay’, but love is a great thing and you can still use it to make you feel great, you know.”

“Inje” is this year’s only traditional Balkan ballad and Vanja reveals that he is inspired by previous purveyors of the genre at Eurovision, including Knez (Montenegro 2015) and Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia & Montenegro 2004 and Serbia 2012).

However, this is actually the first time in his career that Vanja has sung such a song. “When I was thinking about what kind of song I should write, it was natural to me to do some things that has something to do with my Montenegrin music heritage: those kind of melodies and good lyrics… so I came up with this.”

But how do we get rid of the frost? Vanja Radovanovic jokingly suggests: “Probably with alcohol. It’s the best way to do it.”  On a serious note, he tells us that in order to melt our frost, we should find a new love or new people.

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Vanja Radovanovic – Interview at Eurovision in Concert 2018

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I’m so in love with this song! And Vanja seems such a nice guy. I always enjoy his interviews. He’s grounded, doing what he does best and having fun. Wish him all the best!


His perplexed speech gets on my nerves! If you can’t speak in English, bring a translator along!


Knez was Montenegros representative in 2015 not 2010…

Vanja is exactly what I like, he doesn’t want to be famous or have tons of fanboys. He just want to do, what he can, make Music, sing his Songs. And he shouldn’t reduce himself by calling himself the guy that is delivering it. It’s the combination of him and Inje as a song that is magical.

Even though he doesn’t have any fans, his music at least touched a bunch of People, and I believe that’s what is satisfying enough for him.

Looking Forward to see him in Lisbon!


Also out of topic.

Love the new design of the site


I wonder if they got their encoding problems fixed: ???? ???????????.




Out of topic.

Benjamin Ingrosso must be in chock about Avicis death. Tim was Bejamins brothers best friend in their childhood.



He is adorable and funny and his voice is majestic, it makes me sad seeing people putting him in last places of their tops 🙁 Inje is a great song