The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. Thirty-two countries will travel to Russia and battle for football glory. The event, which takes place every four years, is one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events around the world. Naturally, that gives Eurovision stars plenty of reason to release football-themed songs. We’ve compiled a list of seven songs to get you in the World Cup mood.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Mets Khagh” (feat. Narek Mets Hayq, Roland Gasparyan and Hayk Karapetyan)

Eurovision 2016 diva Iveta Mukuchyan was a busy woman last year, with a number of new music releases. They included the dark and haunting “Amena” and the upbeat “Depi Nor Irakanutyun“. She has now teamed up with a number of Armenian artists to release “Mets Khagh” ahead of the World Cup. The rap song features Iveta hammering home a catchy chorus. Armenia might not have qualified for the World Cup, but the lyrics feature a shout out to Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Armenia’s best football player.

Samir & Viktor – “Put Your Hands Up för Sverige” (feat. Anis Don Demina)

Melodifestivalen regulars Samir & Viktor have plenty of reason to put their hands up. Sweden qualified for the World Cup for the first time since 2006 — that’s the same year in which Carola last represented the country at Eurovision. Their song is bound to get you in the World Cup spirit, particularly if you plan on supporting the Blågult in Russia.

De Vet Du – “Vi Sjunger”

Samir & Viktor aren’t the only Melfest stars in on the footballing action. De Vet Du have released their own song supporting the Swedish national team. The music video for “Vi Sjunger” features the boys showing their skills (or lack thereof) on the football field. We think it might be best if they stick to music. Sweden face a tough challenge in Group F, where they will play against South Korea, Mexico and reigning champions Germany, vying for one of two spots in the next round.

Luciana Abreu – “Pula Pula” (with DJ Maci)

In 2016, they won the European Championships for the first time. In 2017, they won Eurovision for the first time. In 2018, can Portugal win the World Cup for the first time? Eurovision 2005 star Luciana Abreu is sounding her support for the Portuguese national team with “Pula Pula”. The song’s chorus has an undeniably anthemic feel. Luciana works some sassy choreography and delivers lyrics that include a shout out to some of the biggest stars in Portuguese football. Portugal come into the World Cup as a dark horse to win it all, led by talisman Cristiano Ronaldo. They start their campaign against neighbours Spain in one of the most exciting fixtures of the opening round.

Dschinghis Khan – “Moscow Moscow”

Nearly forty years after finishing fourth at Eurovision, Dschinghis Khan are pumping up the excitement with a catchy chant of “Moscow Moscow”, a remake of their 1979 single. There’s plenty of chanting for the Deutschland national team throughout the song. Germany are the reigning champions and one of the favourites to win the 2018 World Cup. If you aren’t feeling the international version, the song has been released in English and German too.

Buranovskiye Babushki – “Welcome to Russia”

Buranovskiye Babushki delivered Russia a second place finish in 2012 with “Party for Everybody“. Six years later, the party is still going as they welcome visitors to their home country. Russia will become the 17th different country to host the World Cup and the first Eastern European country to do so. Russia open the tournament on home soil against Saudi Arabia in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

Polina Gagarina – “Komanda” (with Egor Kreed and Smash)

From one Eurovision runner-up to another — Russia’s Polina Gagarina deserves a special mention on this list. While “Komanda” might not be as recent a release as the other songs on this list, it features on the Official Album of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Polina is in esteemed company, as the album features songs from artists such as Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Hailee Steinfeld and Pitbull.

What do you think of these World Cup tracks? What songs will you be listening to during the World Cup? Which team will you support? Let us know in the comments below.

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Vítor Jardim

Hey! Don’t forget Shawn Mendes that sings “In My Blood” in portuguese to support Portugal in the World Cup 2018. He is half portuguese and british. Here is the video:


I look forward to the World Cup! 🙂


Also in Iceland, there is a World Cup song called “Syngjum Afram Island” with former ESC participants like Eythor Ingi, Selma, Yohanna, Björgvin Halldorsson, Palmi Gunnarsson and others but also former NF participants like Stefania Svavarsdottir or this years runner up Dagur Sigurdsson


Samira Said (Morocco 1980) also sings a song for Morocco this year!


Morocco should be back to ESC with Samira Said once more , she would slay!


Thank god the World Cup is coming just in time to cure my PED.


Is there any same babushka? They look different


They are all different. Those that participated in ESC are now called Babushki from Buranovo.


Id love to see samir and viktor doing a duet with kanye west but suppose it won’t happen :((


ahhh samir and viktor back again with the ‘ooooh’s and mentioning ‘sverige’ at all costs and changing the time signature halfway through XD


Well done lads on including so much football info in Wiwibloggs – you almost sound as you you know what you’re talking about! 😉


I saw a huge flag of a Brazilian football team during Lea Sirk’s performance. lol.


Beware of tired sterotypes. Eurovision fans can like soccer too.

Of course others may think it is a load of over-hyped ,corporatized, corrupt, hooliganism-inspiring nonsense in a competition used by Vlaidmir Putin to restore Russia’s world image, and that’s okay too.


I agree! Why such stereotypes? ESC-fans can’t like football?! Why not?! That’s just rubbish 🙂 I know a lot do


Germany, Spain, France and Portugal are the countries who participate in Eurovision with better national teams, and for sure this 4 will have sucess at the world cup




Thanks from Germany! I hope we could defend our title from 2014, but I’m not quite sure about it 😀