Honestly, all y’all Eurovision officials need to stop making changes because Wiwi is sick of updating his Video Player! On March 18 Ukraine’s national broadcaster decided that it was too embarrassing to send baritone crooner Vasyl Lazarovich to Oslo (despite his internal selection by Ukrainian producers last fall), so they’re staging ANOTHER final. Now Belarus has announced that its group 3 + 2 will drop Far Away and instead sing a song about butterflies called Butterflies. It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin. What do y’all think? Does the new song stand a better chance at winning? Should countries be allowed to switch songs last minute like this? And what other surprises can we expect before the March 22 deadline for entries?

You can compare Belarus’ old song and its new one below. Then vote for the song you prefer!

The new song, Butterflies:

The old song, Far Away:

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12 years ago

Far away-THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!