She placed third at Eurovision 2010, and she won first place in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. Now Romania’s Paula Seling has her eyes locked on winning ‘Dansez Pentru Tine,’ Romania’s version of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Below you can watch her rather provocative ‘dance in the rain’ during the first week of competition. Wiwi’s readers will remember that we’ve already seen this beauty from Bucharest dancing while wet: she showered on screen during the filming of her video “Get Up Now.”

Paula on ‘Dansez Pentru Tine’:

You can also see Paula performing a cabaret number on the show’s official site here.

Paula isn’t the only former Romania Eurovision contestant seeking glory through dance. Nicola, who placed 10th at the 2003 Eurovision contest with her song “Don’t Break My Heart,” is giving Paula a run for her money. You can watch Nicola’s “dance in the rain” and her “cabaret” numbers on the show’s official site. And, just in case you don’t remember Nicola’s Eurovision act, here it is too: