Portugal’s Homens da Luta ELIMINATED

At least they’re consistent. Homens da Luta, the Portuguese comedy troupe that has all of Portugal chanting rebellion, have changed remarkably little of their stage act since the Festival da Canção. They’re still dressed as the Village People, and there’s still a revolutionary, a student and a construction worker and a peasant. But the original peasant woman (pictured above) has been traded in for a slimmer, sexier model. Viva la Revolution!

To their credit, Homens da Luta (Men of Struggle) have written a song that gets stuck in your head. Their act—six people standing in place—is so simple that it feels original for Eurovision. And then there’s the whole thing with them bringing down the government. That fact alone makes this a song worth cheering about—regardless of whether it finishes last.

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Chris Painter
13 years ago

Well, initialy I saw this crowd of clowns around the bottom, but they are at least good on the stage so little jump up from that botom, but not very high anyway.