It looks like Baku will avoid nuclear meltdown this May after all. That’s because washed-up disbanded girl group Atomic Kitten have diffused the rumor that they’ll be competing at Eurovision 2012 on behalf of the United Kingdom.

Yesterday afternoon ex-kitten Jenny Frost tweeted: “Happy Sunday guys-Woke up to hear that apparently AK are doing Eurovision-first I’ve heard!!”

Fellow former kitten Liz McClarnon responded with the following: “Loving the rumours & thank you for all the well wishes but we know nothing about #eurovision.”

The Daily Star—a downmarket tabloid which runs stories about three-headed babies and such—sparked the rumors on Sunday. Their article, which you can read here, claimed that the girls would take a cue from 2011 Eurovision contestants Blue and re-launch their musical careers in Baku. They quoted an unnamed “Eurovision insider.”

“Atomic Kitten are the perfect act to send to Baku. They were picked because the BBC think they’ve got what it takes.”


Atomic Kitten joins the growing list of acts rumored to be representing the U.K. in Baku. Previous rumors have swirled around JLS and Deaf Havanna. The WiwiBloggs.Com team are still hoping Girls Aloud will get loud at Eurovision!