Vebooboo: Roman Lob is a cutie, and it ain’t a fluke that he’s currently leading our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. In his first rehearsal today, his voice was on point as expected, and the song’s sweet quality remained perfectly intact. He definitely has a good chance of securing a top 10 spot for Germany. But I don’t really think Roman needs dress rehearsals because there’s nothing special about his staging. In fact, there’s nothing staged at all. I think Germany considered saving money in these tough times by just having an iPod on the stage playing his song.

Wiwi: It really annoys me that Roman always covers his head with a cap. He needs to let go and let it all hang out. How can we love him if he doesn’t love himself? In any case, I still love this song as much as I did in my Wiwi Jury review. And I totally agree with Venu. This program has “Angela Merkel” written all over it, and it totally reflects her pro-austerity solution for the euro zone crisis. I’m not sure I’m down with that, or this rehearsal. Of course, the simplicity of the staging does reflect the simplicity of the song. It worked for Lena in 2010: she swept to victory in a simple black cocktail dress. Who’s to say it won’t work for dear Roman?

Deban: Normally when I’m watching the Eurovision Song Contest my attention is undivided. Germany’s Roman Lobb is one of the few entries this year that has allowed me to liberate myself from this practice. I seem to enjoy the song a lot more when I’m multitasking. Giving it my full attention felt like a lifetime obligation. However, in the background it worked perfectly, and there is no doubt that the German hunk sings well. Similar to what I said in my Wiwi Jury review, the staging of this song felt like I was watching a talent show performance. Even then, this is not a song I’ll be picking up my telephone to vote for.


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10 years ago

He has too much talent for the song contest 😉