A few days ahead of her semi-final, Moran Mazor premiered today her video for the Eurovision entry “Rak Bishvilo” (Only for Him). The video is rather hot not just because she’s singing in the desert (and because she put the “rack” in “Rak Bishvilo” – hey, it’s a compliment!), but also because of the almost naked hunk she appears to sing for.

Thank you for the gratuitous eye candy, Moran, it’s delicious! (I know. If you squint your eyes, he looks like a younger, fitter Cezar Ouatu.)

Moran is also getting ready for her second rehearsal today, scheduled for 5:00 PM CET. We’ll keep you posted. You can read our impressions of her first rehearsal here.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Moran Mazor’s video? Did it put a new spin on the lyrics or is it just as you imagined it would be?

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9 years ago

She absolutely deserves a ticket to the final. Very good singer and i like the song =)