William is currently sitting at his gate inside Malmö Airport. It’s grey and rainy—and he can feel post-Eurovision depression sinking in already. But two things are giving him lift. First, I bumped into Norway’s Margaret Berger checking into SAS economy. She may be a star, but she clearly isn’t a diva. No priority baggage lines or Economy Extra for her!

Second, William is also re-watching Emmelie de Forest’s encore from last night. Plenty of other songs would have been worthy winners. But “Only Teardrops” is definitely a credible winner, and a song I’ll be happy to listen to again and again!

In any case, we recorded her victory march back into Malmö Arena and her encore performance. We were standing in the rafters at this point, so tons of people are hitting our tiny little iPhone and getting in the way of the shots. But hopefully it will give you a sense of the atmosphere inside the Eurovision cauldron!

Photo credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU).

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8 years ago

if you want make so many ridiculous video but it is not change the true Farid is the best and everybody say that
if somebody think that azerbaijan buy vote then let EBU investigate it and everything appear and if there aren’t our wrong thing. than you must been Punish and your country to. AZERBAIJAN IS READY AND YOU

Søren Danielsen
Søren Danielsen
8 years ago

So you think azerbaijan should win, try look at this video.