Croatia’s Nina Badric

Nina Badric isn’t just one of my favourite Eurovision stars from the Balkans. She’s also something of an amateur philosopher, educating her Instagram followers on everything from beauty to love to religion. And boy is she religious. Her eurovision song “Nebo” was totes spiritual. “Someone up there sees everything,” she said.

Anyone who follows her fan page on Facebook or Instagram (@badrich) has already been schooled in la philosophie de nina. For her it’s all about family, God and the trust between people. Y’all don’t have to leave our site to get some education. We’ve translated some of her choice words below. Grab your pencils folks…

“Superficial goes with superficial. Smart with smart. Good with good. Rotten with broken. Fake with fake. Happiness is when you find who you’re not going with.” That’s one way to rationalise a break up.

“I really do not care about the cult of personality. I’m here for music and the cult of personality is in the shelf next to mine.” Seriously, I don’t care if I’m famous in your country or not.

“Make time each day for your family and parents. We take them for granted but they are exactly the ones we need to pay attention to the most.” Like my family values? Buy your kids my latest album.

“I don’t like those people who take bad chances. Ones that pander and know everything and have advice for anything. Yet in their own life they lie to themselves.” So basically I’m right and you’re wrong so stop telling me how to do my hair!

“The most important thing for each person is inner contentment that radiates.” So my make-up artist betta make my face RADIATE. Give the world my happy.

“The beauty really comes from the inside – when beauty, spirit and intelligence are connected.” But buying expensive Chanel dresses and Louboutin shoes is a great way to package that inner beauty.

“From my heart I laugh, when it’s the hardest.” I’m really sorry for laughing at your mother’s funeral.

“Real friends are a gift from God. They are always honest, no matter how hard the truth is. I’m a millionaire and I have two of them.” So luckily I don’t have many friends begging me for some money honey. Just two…

Nina may not be into the cult of personality, but her fans and fellow musicians are certainly into her. Here’s what they had to say about Nina. #obsessed?

“It’s not easy to be a singer. You have to achieve much more. What Nina has achieved just by existing. We make singers but she re-created us. She taught us to see the world with our eyes. With her songs…because every one is a part of her. And that’s why she’s so different from the others. We love her for what she is, not for what someone who doesn’t know her wants her  to be. She’s unique. She understands us. Feels everything we want to say to her, advise her, every one of our tears, out laughter, everything…”

“We feel her too. We cry when we see her crying, we laugh when she’s happy. WE ARE ONE!”

“We don’t know who the fabulous group of authors is but we surely know their music touches our soul.”

Lastly, I couldn’t help but notice that Nina reblogged a photo on Instagram of a picture that said, “If I was me, I’d marry myself.” For Nina, the first love is self love…

What you guys think? Has Nina atoned for failing at Eurovision 2012? Will Nina become the next religion workbook editor? Were you crying while reading the stuff her fans and fellow musicians wrote about her?

Mario Saucedo contributed this report from Croatia. Follow the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photo: (EBU)

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8 years ago

Viva la Nina!

David Thielen
David Thielen
8 years ago

>> “Someone up there sees everything,”

Yes there is. It’s the National Security Agency.

8 years ago

It’s nice she’s using part of her fame platform to spread positivity. 😀