Nevena Bozovic, Sara Jovanovic and Mirna Radulovic—the three singers formerly known as Moje 3—have gotten back together! For one song, anyway. The trio of Serbian beauties have teamed up with young songwriter Petar Wagner on “Nisi Sam” (You’re not alone), a charity single meant to raise money for a shelter that supports young mothers without homes.

Svet reports that 19-year-old Wagner wanted to raise awareness about the responsibility society has to help those in need. So he penned the lyrics, which he then shared with Sasa Milosevic Mare, the composer of Serbian Eurovision songs like “Molitva” and “Ljubav je svuda”. The touching song sends a message of hope to young moms and their children that they’re not alone. The video includes a series of well-known actors, athletes and singers from Serbia, including the country’s 2008 Eurovision contestant Jelena Tomasevic. Consider this Serbia’s “We are the World” moment.

You can watch the video below. Get ready to say awwwww.

Thank you to wiwireader Jelena for the tip!

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David Thielen
David Thielen
6 years ago

So I’m playing this and my wife walks by and says “that’s a pretty song.” She’s never said that before about any Euro-pop song!!!

Katie Wilson
7 years ago

N’aww Moje 3 are like real-life Barbie dolls! I love them so much! I still haven’t fully accepted that they’ve split up, although their solo stuff is great 😀

David Thielen
David Thielen
7 years ago

That’s beautiful