Gaitana—our favourite Ukrainian singer of Congolese descent—has an other-worldly body and a voice that is from another planet. So it’s only natural that she sings about “Aliens” in her latest single.

But these aliens don’t have antennas coming out of their head, nor do they appear keen to suck out our blood. This video is mellow and relaxed, and seems to talk about travel between countries and different mindsets. This is Gaitana, y’all, so you know the message is gonna be all about peace.

According to Gaitana’s official web site, this song and video are also about personal change for Gaitana. We always love her team’s in-depth explanations, so here they are explaining the change unedited:

Autumn is the most current season for image change. Someone fundamentally changes the hair color, someone changes their hairstyle, and someone is looking for new stylists to change both of it. Gaitana wasn’t an exception, and while working on a new album, decided to make a fresh stream of changes to her image. It can be clearly seen in the new video for Gaitana’s song ‘Aliens’.

But finding the right people to execute these changes was not easy y’all. Finding a hairstylist who shares your cosmic energy is ridiculously hard. Here’s how Gaitana explains it.

I wanted to work with a master-stylists, close in spirit, in energy. It is important that your image is embodied by a bright, sincere person.

After a long search Gaitana found a woman from “the southern countries” to come and braid her hair. It was apparently very expensive, but “hair and beauty are worth it,” according to Gaitana.

Music dictates its style! Today the exotic braids perfectly emphasize a new stage in Gaitana’s creation. With the help of unusual hairstyles the singer easily demonstrates alien, magical image, not only in her songs and videos, but also in appearance.


Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @willyleeadams. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.

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10 years ago

i can do ariana grande’s hairstyle aldkjsldkfdas

10 years ago

Nice! When she released that single “I Like it”, it reminded me of Santigold, but now she seems to be her own artist. Loooove the hair!

Katie Wilson
10 years ago

OMG it’s like an up-market Bounty advert… It’s amazing! Love her <3