In the first part of our interview with Jan Lagermand Lundme, the Head of Show for Eurovision 2014, he discussed EuroClub, the press centre and transportation. Today he dishes on the Eurovision 2014 running order and the distance between the green room and the stage. Get ready people. It’s time to pimp that island—again!

The Draw

Last year Eurovision fans cried “dictatorship!” when it was revealed that the producers at SVT would decide the running order of the contest rather than staging a random draw. Lundme says that the EBU is in charge of this decision. They have decided that the producers in Denmark will once again decide the running order. Lundme is happy with that: He likes being able to pick the order so that he can arrange the acts in the way that will make for the best show.

Speaking personally, I would prefer a less optimized show where the good and bad acts are randomized. As we’ve noted in the past, running order does seem to impact the results, so it does not seem fair to give someone control over this.

Replay Order

I also asked about the replay order during voting. In the past the EBU has reversed the recap, so that the acts that performed first are replayed last during the recap. This again is set by the EBU and Denmark must adhere to whatever the EBU decides. They have not yet decided.

Less Walking for the Acts

In Malmö the Green Room was located in Norway, and the hike from there to the stage took a couple of days and 40 sled dogs loaded down with supplies. That was part of the reason host Petra Meade had to announce Emmelie de Forest as the winner even before all of the votes came in. That made for some awkward viewing. This time the green room will be in the same building as the stage, and very close to it. This will make it a lot quicker and easier for the acts when it’s time to perform.

Eurovision Royalty

I asked if any Eurovision Royalty, such as Lys Assia, will be attending. He replied that “everyone is welcome” and hopes to see lots of past stars there. But it is too early to know who, if anyone, will be attending. He repeated, in about five different ways, that he hopes many of them attend and that they are all “very very welcome.” So all of you past performers out there – come to Copenhagen!

Why They Moved the Date

In closing I told Jan I really appreciated their moving the date up one week. On the original date I could not go because my youngest daughter is graduating from college that weekend (which my wife informed me, in no uncertain terms, was absolutely more important than ESC). Jan replied “that’s why we moved it of course.” So thank you Jan, Denmark, and Europe for moving ESC one week so I can attend – that was a good enough reason!

We will publish the final part of our interview with Jan on Friday. Among other things he’ll discuss the arena and whether fans will be standing in front of the stage.

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Photos: Courtesy of DR

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8 years ago

Last year the contestants had to draw “first half” “second half” which is some form of random. Even if EBU says drawing order is determined by organisers it still can be made more or less random. Worst would be to determine order of all acts 1-26. Or for example – very close to random but still respecting EBU demand and leaving organisers enough room to optimise the order of acts – contestants may draw “1-5” “6-10” “11-15” “16-20” “21-25” “last”.

8 years ago

“In Malmö the Green Room was located in Norway, and the hike from there to the stage took a couple of days and 40 sled dogs loaded down with supplies.”

LOL! So hard!

Made my day. No, the week! 🙂 🙂 🙂

8 years ago

if the green room will be in the same hall as the scene, i fear that it will be a really small green room and very pinched, cause b&w hallerne is not a big venue. personally i loved in 2010 and 2011 when the green room was behind a big wall behind the stage