Oo la la! After slowly falling down the Eurovision table in recent years, France Television is upping its game and will stage a national selection contest for Eurovision 2014. Natasha St-Pier, who represented France at Eurovision 2001 and came fourth, broke the news on her Facebook page earlier today.

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Apparently she copied this from a news site of some sort, because in English is reads like this: “Hello everyone, we are pleased to announce that Natasha and Cyril Féraud will present the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest on France3! A return to basics for Natasha because she had participated in this great evening of Eurovision in 2001, it was already in Copenhagen this year. It was ranked the 4th place with its title “I have only my soul” written by Robert Goldman.”

Our French-language friends at Eurovision Quotidien report that the show will take place on January 26 and that viewers will have one month—yes, that’s 30 days—to vote. A profesisonal jury will also have a say.

At the moment officials are deciding which three artists will participate in the national final. There list reportedly includes 12 names. As we reported back in October, officials have been attempting to get rising French stars Zaz, Tal and Shy’m to participate. We know that they are on this list, but we do not know if a) they have agreed to participate and b) whether they will make the cut.

In any case, Vive la France! It is only right that the people have a say!

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7 years ago

Natasha was a classy performer of great talent back in 2001 and it annoys me that it didn’t win. It was the only song worth listening back in that year … I remeber being desperate and thinking nobody nobody was showcasing any good songs at all: it was all average or amateur or even soulless … she came in and gave me a reason to breathe some hope into my brain like “finally some great music”.

7 years ago

Finally! Good choice by France.

7 years ago

Thank you for the link 🙂
The winning song will be revealed the 2nd of March by Natasha St-Pier in the same show ‘Les chansons d’abord’.