Latvian broadcaster LTV has announced the entries that will be battling it at Dziesma 2014 for the chance to represent the country in Copenhagen next year. There are 24 songs in total and just like last year only the song title, composers and lyricists have been revealed. The artists will be announced at a later date.

The full list is listed below and you can listen to all 24 songs here.

Is It Possible (Composer: Edgars Kokorevichs, Lyrics: Sabine Vidrike)

Pedeja Vestule (Composer: Arturs Šingirejs, Lyrics: Ingus Berzinš)

Just Stop (Composers: Ruslans Kuksinovichs and Oskars Deigelis, Lyrics: Oskars Deigelis)

Pressure (Composer and lyrics: Žanna Berezina)

I’m Happy (Composer and lyrics: Tamara Rutkovska)

Stay (Composer: Ingars Vilums, Lyrics: Ingars Vilums)

Here I Am Again (Composer: and lyrics: Vladimirs Koževnikovs (Niko))

Buchas (Composer: Aldis Zaluksnis (Midis), Lyrics: Martinš Polakovskis (Holis))

You Are The Reason (Composers: Katrine Lukins and Karlis Indrišonoks, Lyrics: Katrine Lukins)

Going All the Way (Composer and lyrics: Janis Driksna)

Lights On (Composer: Gaitis Lazdans, Lyrics: Markus Riva)

This Moment And Tomorrow (Composers: Edgars Belickis and Karlis Auzinš, Lyrics: Mikus Frišvelds)

If I Could (Let Away) (Composers: Miks Žagars and Raitis Aušmuksts, Lyrics: Miks Žagars)

I Can Breathe (Composer and lyrics: Aminata Savadogo)

I’ve Got (Composer and lyrics: Ivo Grisninš Grislis)

Revelation (Composers: Ralfs Eilands, Valters Puce and Ansis Grube, Lyrics: Ralfs Eilands)

I Need More (Composer and lyrics: Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima))

Cake To Bake (Composer and Lyrics: Guntis Veilands)

Breathe Slow (Composer: Edgars Vilums, Lyrics: Anete Volmane)

Pa Vidu Tu (Composer and lyrics: Andris Kivichs)

I Need A Soul-twin (Composer and lyrics: Martinš Kits)

What If It Was (Composer and lyrics: Rolands Udris)

Dejo Ta (Composer: Kaspars Dvinskis, Lyrics: Sabine Berezina and Kaspars Dvinskis)

Take Away (Composer: Tomass Kleins, Lyrics: Guntars Rachs)

The composers selected have until January 7 to confirm or change the singers to each entry selected. The two semi-finals will take place in Riga on 1 and 2 February, both of them featuring 12 entries each. Six entries selected from each semi-final will progress to the final, which takes place in Ventspils on 22 February.

How They Were Selected

A jury panel, consisting of Latvian and international music professionals, helped to decide the 24 entries.

Latvian Jury Members

Aija Strazdina – Film and music video director

Aija Vitolina – Singer

Girts Lusis – Music producer and composer and member of the band “Labv?l?gais tips”

Karlis Auzans – Chairman of the board of Latvian Performers and Producers Association as well as producer, composer and manager. Also member of the band “Melo-M”.

Kristaps Krievkalns – Musician, Composer and Arranger

International Jury Members

Adam Klein (UK) – manager at Fascination Management, working with The Saturdays, Goldfrapp original label coordinator at Universal Music record company Polydor, worked with Miley Cyrus and Cheryl Cole campaigns in the United Kingdom.

John Ballard (Sweden) – composer, producer, the founder and producer of Ace of Base, participated as singer in Melodifestivalen selections twice in 1980s,

Maja Keuc (Slovenia) – singer who represented Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.

The motto for their 2014 national selection process is “Made In Latvia” and refers to the rule that all entries can only involve Latvian composers and lyricists. This is in response to their reversion of last year’s free composer rule.

Anthony Ko contributed this report from the U.K. Follow him on Twitter at @bjorneo. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: (EBU)

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8 years ago

OMG! )) “I need a soul-twin” is realy great (and just a bit crazy)! )))) It would be very good choice fot Latvija this year! )
I hope Latvia will return to the grand final .

8 years ago

I have a feeling that I need a soul-twin won’t be permitted by Eurovision rules.

Latvia has really good dance tunes this year! I also like the Ska-ish Revelation.
Even though stuff like Cake to Bake and I need a soultwin have potential for great comedy, I really think they shouldn’t go that way having some great choices

8 years ago


8 years ago

Cake to Bake LMAO The title alone reminds me of the explicit Lazy Town rendition of “Cooking By The Book” ft. Lil Jon XD

Strong songs this year from Latvia. 🙂 I love the dance tunes like “Is it Possible” “Stay”, “Here I Am” and “Dejo T?”

“This Moment & Tomorrow” reminds me of TWiiNS quite a bit.

8 years ago

My top 3 :
1) I need a Soul-Twin ( it’s great !)
2) Bucas
3) Stay

8 years ago

Very strong selection from Latvia this year 😀

My top 5 are…
1) You Are The Reason
2) Breathe Slow
3) Here I Am Again
4) Dejo t?
5) Just Stop
I’d be happy with any of them winning but I’d prefer my top 2. Overall, I think Latvia will return to the grand final, as long as they pick the right song, unlike what they did last year.

8 years ago

Can’t wait to hear “Cake to Bake”…

Also, it’s good that they put Maja Keuc on this panel. Hopefully some of her magic can help to reverse Latvia’s recent fortunes in Eurovision.