The #umk14 contestants are exhausted. All week they’ve been busy promoting their songs, practicing their dance moves, trying on costumes, giving interviews, and washing off all that stage make-up. But, in between today’s dress rehearsal and the live show, several of the contestants stopped to speak with the team from Armed with his phone, Sami, pictured above with Mikko Pohjola, recorded Mikko, Clarissa & Josh, Lauri Mikkola and Hanna Sky sending all y’all some love. Don’t they seem nice? And whose single are you going to buy first?

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9 years ago

Awwwwwwwww that was so sweet!! 😀 UMK does do a fab job, even if they are too lazy to change up their format a bit 😛

9 years ago

whoa. mikko is really fit. he should have won tonight. i wonder if hannah wears these clothes on the street lol