Serbia, which will return to Eurovision after a one-year-absence, is gearing up for their national selection, which will feature three songs written byVladimir Graic, the man behind Marija Serifovic’s winning Eurovision song “Molitva”. He has informed web site that he has been contacted by some well-known Serbian artists who want to compete for Serbia, as well as by some rather unknown singers from the X Factor and Operacija Trijumf shows.

Jelena Karleusa, a well established songstress on the Serbian turbo folk scene, has been highly rumoured to be in talks with RTS for an internal selection. In an interview for Alo magazine, she confirmed that she is interested in Eurovision:

“For more than a decade, out of spite, I refused any talk about it because of the bad attitude of the late Tijanic (the late director of RTS) and RTS against me. Now that I have the support of domestic and especially foreign media, Eurovision seems like an interesting idea. I would certainly be honoured if our nation wants it.”

However, when she found out that there is going to be a national selection after all, she refused to sign up, stating that she would not like to compete with unknown singers.

Her behavior, as well as music videos for her songs, are often sexy, salacious and promote promiscuity. Despite growing popularity amongst Balkan teenagers, she’s often linked with scandal. The latest is that she simulated sex at one of her concerts — and with a much younger male fan. Does Eurovision really need that kind of image?

So far, we only know that there will be two well-known singers and one unknown singer competing in Serbian national selection. One who already seems to have been confirmed is Bojana Stamenov, a Serbian Aretha Franklin who competed in the “Ja Imam Talenat” talent show. She missed Eurovision on two occasions. In 2011, the composer of “Caroban” ditched her in favor of Nina. And in 2012 Zeljko Joksimovic wanted her to sing along with him at Eurovision, but she refused because Zeljko didn’t want to list her name as one of the performers.

Would you like to see Jelena at Eurovision? Or maybe you prefer Bojana’s rich voice?

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Kæpt'n K.
Kæpt'n K.
7 years ago

“she refused to sign up, stating that she would not like to compete with unknown singers.” … She is afraid that she will lose! It is definitely quite elitist, she once was unknown too and Serbia certainly has many singers who can sing live well and do not have to use half playback at concerts. And NO the Eurovision doesn’t need people like her on stage with her cheap p*rn show. The Eurovision Song Contest is a show for the whole family and not something you find behind every door in a red light district. I’ve seen her on that… Read more »

7 years ago

we do not want jelena karleusa as our representative

7 years ago

I want Bojana to sing for Serbia, her voice is amazing and with the right song she could do very well!