San Marino’s Peppermints have surprised a lot of people with their professonalism and fierce choreography. Today they kept the momentum going when they turned up to their second rehearsal in red, yellow, pink, blue and green skirts. After all, don’t peppermints come in different flavours? This act is grown-up, but not too grown-up. It has major diva flair but kis can still relate to it. They were less “shouty” today — Amen! — and are really starting to sound like a group.

San Marino’s Second Rehearsal at Junior Eurovision

The Peppermints show off their colourful new skits #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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Esc 4ever
Esc 4ever
9 years ago

Live voice:10/12
My points:7/10
Total:42/56 bravo!

9 years ago

Anita = red skirt
Raffy = yellow skirt
Greta = pink skirt
Arianna = green skirt
Sara = blue skirt

9 years ago

They are amazing o.o!