Ula Lozar and the Slovene delegation want to make the most out of its time in Malta, and have done so by creating a new music video for “Nisi Sam”! In the five days that they have been on-the-ground at Junior Eurovision, they have filmed and edited a new video right by the gorgeous Grand Harbor in Valletta. But have no doubts: the video looks by no means like a rush job!

In some ways it reflects aspects of Valentina’s “Maybe” music video from earlier this year. She draws messages in the sand and walks by the seaside in a less-than-flashy video. It’s truly a piece of art, and made even better by the beautifully sung Slovene version of the song. Ula told us that a lot of her vocal lessons are about making Slovene sounds more melodic. We must say, those lessons are doing her a lot of good!

You can read all of our Junior Eurovision 2014 coverage here.

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9 years ago

Ula is a reflection of Valentina Mornetta becuase Valentina released a multilingual version of Crystalsis in 2013 but the compostion of Nisi Sam inSlovene reminds me of Forse by Valentina

the truth
the truth
9 years ago

Slovenia for the win!