wiwibloggs has around 50 correspondents from all around the world. We want to be as close to our readers as we can, so in the coming months will be introducing you to everyone on the team. Today we’re talking to our Croatia correspondent Mario.

Hey Mario! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Mario. I’m 20 years old and I come from sunny Croatia. I study company management at the Economy University of Split. I’m a big Junior Eurovision fan, and sometimes I find myself more excited about new JESC songs than adult Eurovision ones (hardcore Eurovision fans, don’t hate!).

When did you start working for wiwibloggs and what’s your job?

I started working for wiwibloggs in the summer of 2012. My job is foremost to inform our readers about Eurovision stuff happening in Croatia. Besides that, I edit our Tumblr page and write about JESC.

When did you became a Eurovision fan?

I started to like Eurovision in 2004, when Ivan Mikulic sang for Croatia. Although my family isn’t that crazy about Eurovision anymore, they are actually responsible for my Eurovision addiction. I remember we sat down to watch TV one night and my father was changing channels on the TV, and we accidentally tuned in to Eurovision. I just clicked with Eurovision! All the performances, beautiful voices, catchy beats and powerful ballads were etched in my memory. I couldn’t wait for another edition! It was easy for me to remember when is it being held, as the event date is always around my birthday. For example, the Baku final was right on my birthday!

Which ESC song is your all-time favourite?

It’s very hard, and probably impossible, to choose only one song. But I can name a few of them who never get old and forgotten and those would be: Sergej‘s Moj Svijet, Valentina’s Crisalide, Domenico Modugno’s Nel Pinto Di Blu, Kaliopi‘s Crno i Belo, Lena’s Satellite, The Common Linnets’ Calm After the Storm, Aram MP3‘s Not Alone.

Favourite Eurovision memory?

Probably Kaliopi’s scream. That was totally unexpected and positive, especially because I was convinced she wasn’t that good of a singer before that.

If you could change something about Eurovision, what it would be?

I’d abolish the Big 5. It’s really unfair for other countries and the overall quality of the contest.

Has being a Eurovision fan changed your life? How?

Of course, I’ve found so many great artists and new genres that I didn’t even know I like.

What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people that you are a Eurovision fanatic?

I don’t actually brag about that a lot. To be honest, my family and friends don’t like Eurovision, but they understand why I love it so much.

In your mind, what’s the greatest Eurovision injustice?

Two injustices I can’t forget are Ukraine not winning in 2008 and Valentina not qualifying with Crisalide.

Do you have any hobbies outside of Eurovision?

Hmmm, currently nothing. I’ve started to learn Portuguese on the Duolingo app, if that counts.

What else you do in your free time?

I read books, newspapers, and scientific articles, and do a bit of tumblring. I also listen to good music, and play with my two cats.

What’s best about living in your country and in your city/town?

Food! Easygoing people, tourist sites, and the crystal clear sea as well.

Where you would like to travel the most?

Definitely Malta!

What kind of music do you listen to besides Eurovision music?

British hip-hop, indie pop, indie rock, dance pop, soul, and R’n’B.

What is your favourite wiwibloggs article of all time?

I respect all the hard work that is being put into the realisation of our site. I can’t choose the best one, but I always find enjoyable reading editorials from my colleagues and statistics reports from my dear colleague David. It requires lots of concentration and knowledge to do that, believe me!

Do you have a message for wiwireaders?

Live, love, and let live! Read wiwibloggs in between.

Read all of Mario’s work here.


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Kristín Kristjánsdóttir
Kristín Kristjánsdóttir
7 years ago

You go, Mario :*

Bledar Leka
Bledar Leka
7 years ago

With your injustices, I agree about San Marino not qualifying in 2013; but I don’t think Ukraine deserved to win in 2008. It was nice but not in my top 10