Whether working it in an indie band or as a solo star, Denmark’s Tim Schou makes the music happen. When he announced his first UK headline gig at The Garage in London, wiwibloggs rushed to secure a front-row spot. And naturally we had our cameras!

Although he’s an A-lister back at home, his humility took centre stage in London. Schou cracked jokes on stage, occasionally speaking in Danish to the audience. Promoting his recent single “Goodbye” he dropped the falsetto and delivered some spectacular electric guitar riffs. Among his other gems were “In The Middle”, “Chasing Dreams”, and “Chameleon”. “Come Home, Repeat” is a slow tempo ballad which also serves as the soundtrack to his road movie (see below) that documents Schou’s London trip. The stand-out was his unreleased track, “Gravity” which is pop at its finest. He threw goodies from the stage (and I managed to catch a T-shirt).

The final treat of the evening was a re-worked version of “New Tomorrow and Sia’s “Chandalier”. During the latter song, Schou bowed to fan pressure. His fans wanted him to dive into the audience, ditch his leather jacket and remove his vest. He did it! Footage below. Belissimo!

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7 years ago

This guy is just a girl