Last year Russia conducted its first-ever internal selection for Junior Eurovision. But on Friday 25 September the land of the Tolmachevy Sisters will resurrect its national selection — and in grand style! Eighteen acts will try to sing their way to the top, hoping to sing for Russia in Bulgaria this November.

Listening to these songs is a real treat. The Russians are serving schlager, dance, folk, bubble gum pop, ballads and everything in between. A number of these songs could compete at the adult Eurovision and slay the pack.

Let us know who your’e supporting in the comments section below.

Milana Pavlova – “Pyaty Okean” (“Fifth Ocean”)

Anna Tomilo – “Ya Narisuyu” (“I Will Draw”)

Alexandra Gorodetskaya – “Parol” (“Password”)

Mikhail Smirnov – “Mechta” (“Dream”)

Mariya Mirova – “Davay Nauchimsya Letat'” (“Let’s Learn How To Fly”)

Darya Pereverzeva – “Mir” (“Peace”)

Sonya Lapshakova – “A ya smogu!” (“I Can!”)

Sofya Fedorova – “Zvezdopad” (“Starfall”)

Vilena Khikmatullina – “Vyshe Neba” (“Higher Than the Sky”)

Kamelia Pedan – “Zhar Ptitsa”

Ekaterina Bizina – “Otkroy Glaza” (“Open Your Eyes”)

4 Kadra – “Ulybnis'” (“Smile”)

Eden Golan – “Schast’yo” (“Happiness”)

Katya Maleshina – “Ya Vybirayu svet” (“I Choose Light”)

Darya Kim – “Letat'” (“To Fly”)

Yulia Asessorova – “Oblaka” (“Clouds”)

You can listen to Yulia’s song HERE

Vilena Khikmatullina & Katya Maleshina – “Begi” (“Run”)

Caramel Sky – “Tvist – syurpriz” (“Twist – Surprise”)

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8 years ago

My favorite is Kayta. This is quite a toe-tapper! I love the resolute melody with the energetic dance beat. The song has a youthful vibe, but at the same time, it’s free of the usual annoyance factors in pre-teen pop. This will have both kids and adults bopping along.

8 years ago

Sonia Lapshakova or Daria Kim.

8 years ago

@Sarah Sabina is not allowed to participate, because she lives in Uzbekistan.

mario esc-fan
mario esc-fan
8 years ago

One of these 🙂

Sofya Fedorova ~ *StarFall*
Eden Golan ~ *Happiness*
Katya Maleshina ~ *I Choose Light*
Kamelia Pedan ~ *FireBird*
Mikhail Smirnov ~ *Dream*

8 years ago

Just realized: if Mikhail Smirnov wins, Russia will have sent 3 songs in a row with “dream” in the title

2013: Mechtay/ Dream On
2014: Dreamer

8 years ago

She’s not from Russia.

Sarah Boucher
8 years ago

a piano love song about elvis? WTF! No Sabina (Voice Kids winner)

8 years ago

Misha Smirnov or Maria Mirova.