Eurovision 2016 will be full of comebacks. Kaliopi will return for F.Y.R. Macedonia, while Deen is singing for Bosnia and Herzegovina once more. Ira Losco won the Maltese national selection, while Donny Montell is still fighting for the ticket to Stockholm in Lithuania. Joining the trend is Krista Siegfrids, Finland’s Eurovision 2013 representative. However, this time she is trying to win the hearts of Swedish public instead of trying her luck in her home country.

In our recent interview with Krista in Helsinki, she told us that Melodifestivalen has been her dream since she was a child. Taking part in Eurovision Song Contest was a big thing, but Krista wants to go even higher. Performing in Sweden’s biggest and most-watched TV show will surely also open new doors for her. And it’s certainly generating a lot of buzz already.

Krista Siegfrids (Melodifestivalen 2016) – Interview

Krista Siegfrids Faller Single Cover Melodifestivalen 2016But Krista has been careful when pursuing her dream. Last year she turned down the opportunity, as she didn’t feel like the song was right for her. This year Krista was part of the writing process for her entry “Faller”, so it is true to who she is and wants to be as a performer.

But what can we expect from Krista in Melodifestivalen 2016? Obviously she couldn’t tell us much, as the song won’t be revealed in full until the show. But we know the song will be up-tempo and have a big show to go along with it. The song might lean a bit toward schlager, but we are sure Krista will make it sound fresh and modern. Some obviously hoped Krista to radically change her style and bring out a huge ballad, but sorry guys. Maybe next time!

Krista Siegfrids at Melodifestivalen 2016 – Reaction

But does Krista have any chance at Melodifestivalen? The second semifinal is full of returnees from last year’s breakthrough artist Isa to two-time Melodifestivalen finalist David Lindgren. Krista has the experience, the charisma and the ability to build a big show, so anything can happen. Whatever the result, Krista can be sure whole of Finland will be behind her and supporting her until the end.

Melodifestivalen 2016: Deltävling 2 (Preview)

Read the “Faller” lyrics


Photo: Vilhelm Stokstad/TT

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8 years ago

@Sami Luukela: Just listened again to her 2013 performance. Sorry, but I can’t find the “great live singer” you’re talking about. And the result spoke for itself: 24th out of 26 countries. Now I’m not saying she’s not sweet or down to earth, but all I care about for a song contest is: good singer, able to sing live, good song. Krista is none of these (the ESC 2013 song was pretty bad, no idea about this one). The kind of words you use in your comment make it sound like you’re talking about Michael Jackson or something. “Amazing performer”,… Read more »

Eric C
Eric C
8 years ago

Wishing the best for Krista!!!!!! Cant wait to hear the song!

8 years ago

My prediction based on the description I heard.
Tommy Patrik och Uno(They will either do a Ravaillacz or a Hasse Andersson, I am sure that the kids, the elders and… yeah, however, some swedes will like it)
David Lindgren
Andra Chansen
(Based on the running order, I think Christer Björkman have predicted a skräll(Swedish for a positive surprise in a competition, like for example mello)
Molly PH or Krista Siegfrieds
Not qualifying:
5. Molly PH or Krista Siegfrieds
6. Victor och Natten
7. Isa
(Will do a Ellen Benedictsson)

Sami Luukela
8 years ago

@Racal – Krista is much more than “Marry Me”. She is amazing performer and keeps delivering hits after another. Krista always puts up an amazing show and actually is great live singer. If you had the chance to see her live, you would know how passionate she is about music and how much she loves performing. She is also extremely sweet and down-to-earth. I think she totally deserves all the hype and attention.

8 years ago

Just like Donny Montell and Kaliopi, the only reason behind this “hype” (and this article) is that she already competed in Eurovision. And yet her song was bad, her live vocals were horrible and she placed 24th for crying out loud (third to last)! To quote Graham Norton when she announced the Finnish results in 2015: “She thinks we remember her for singing a song called “Ding Dong”. We don’t”. This fake buzz around returning artists should stop. If at least they were good, I don’t mind (I could understand an article about Polina Gagarina, Il Volo or Loreen returning),… Read more »