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When Ferman Akgül sang “We Could Be The Same” with Turkey’s maNga at Eurovision 2010, we all presumed he was singing about an unidentified lady. But judging from his latest video for “Dirdir”, he could just as easily have been referring to a certain Mr.Worldwide — the Cuban-American rapper Pitbull.

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#d?rd?r yaza büyük ilgiyle girdi. Te?ekkür ederim.

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“Dirdir” — “Grumble” in English — is Ferman’s second release as a solo artist. But unlike “Istemem Söz Sevmeni”, it symbolises a marked shift in the singer’s musical style. Electro-rock is out, soft R&B pop is in. The one time Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model drafts in Turkish based French footballer-turned-rapper Pascal Nouma to help with the transition. Opening to a cacophony of “bom, bom, bom”, the pair breezily sing about a girl who’s left them. It’s a catchy number, and definitely gives off a distinctly summery vibe. But we’re conflicted. On the one hand we can appreciate a good pop song, yet based on Akgül’s existing body of work this feels forced and inauthentic.

Whatever about the song, it’s the music video where the Pitbull comparisons really kick in. Just like the “Timber” singer, our boys have a fondness for wearing light linen threads in sandy locations. All we’re missing is group of scantily clad bikini models. Of course, there’s more to the clip. Ferman and Pascal also play around with a green-screen, creating the illusion that they’re standing before a giant tripped out star (of the celestial variety).

We shan’t grumble — pun intended — because, while “Dirdir” isn’t a patch on maNga’s finest, it’ll suffice to get the party started.

Ferman Akgül feat. Pascal Nouma “Dirdir” (Official Music Video)

What do you think of Ferman’s new direction? Let us know in the comments below.

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poot poot
poot poot
5 years ago

yeah, we had it in tmblrvision, I like it.

Still salty
Still salty
5 years ago

You’re late, this was in tmblrvision

5 years ago

Actually guys, the song also includes Iskender Paydas who was part of the team who represented Turkey in 1990 (Kayahan- Gozlerinin Hapsindeyim)