Over the weekend three wiwibloggers — Jacob from Norway, Bernardo from Portugal and Deban from the U.K. — headed to the resort town of Setúbal in Portugal for the Eurovision Live Concert 2016.

The sell-out event welcomed some of our favourite Eurovision stars of yesterday and today…and naturally we filmed their performances and a few interviews.

But before we share all of those in the days ahead — patience, pretties! — we thought we’d share some of our behind-the-scenes coverage. If you follow us on Twitter (@wiwibloggs) or Instagram (@wiwibloggs) then you may have seen some of these clips. But don’t worry: it’s impossible to overdose on Eurovision!

Rui Andrade is a veteran of Festival da Canção and a stalwart of the Eurovision Live Concert. On Friday we filmed him rehearsing his 18-minute medley — yes, 18 minutes — which included a nod to Russia’s Sergey Lazarev.

He’s all man, but he’s not afraid to throw down with the ladies — or to cover them. Here he is tackling Armenia’s Sirusho.

All that work clearly does a body good.

Moments before he took the stage on Saturday night, he flashed his well-oiled torso and we just had to take a pic!

Well before we saw Rui’s abs, we were busy sight-seeing with some Eurovision acts you’ll totes recognise.

We enjoyed the sun — and some wide-brimmed hats — with Hungary’s Compact Disco.

And then we just HAD to SAY YAY YAY YAY with Spain’s Barei.

First while sightseeing…

…and then after her soundcheck, where she performed some material that may be new to Eurovision viewers. She knows you gotta mix it up!

We’ve got to tell you Something, it’s been on our minds…so long…and apparently it’s also been on the mind of Lithuania’s Eurovision 2013 singer Andrius Pojavis.

At dinner Poland’s Michal Szpak had Deban in stitches as he showed off his sexy face and flaunted his delicious hair…

During the actual show on Saturday evening, we loved how Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Maya Sar interacted with the audience.

Add a T to that surname, baby, because you are a sTar to us!

Among the other divas on stage was Portugal’s Filipa Azevedo — the last Portuguese artist to qualify for the grand final, all the way back in 2010.

Since then she’s competed on The Voice and she recently dropped a hot new single with the Portuguese band Darko.

We’ll be uploading all of the performance videos and our interviews in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

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5 years ago

@Kisha: You say that as if Latin American soap operas music themes were remarkable pieces of music … Rui Andrade acts and behaves like a Kardashian showing off that body out of pure desperation to get somewhere in life with his monocorde 1 octave voice. So sad that people have to do these things in this day and age making social media a sex app to be quite honest.

5 years ago

Amazing! Thanks Wiwibloggs

5 years ago

Rui Andrande should represent Portugal. He has a great voice and his song “Ao teu encontro” was the best in Festival de Cancao 2014. Its reminds me like theme for Latin American telenovelas

5 years ago

Damn Rui! I doubt his vocals could help him win eurovision if he participated, but he’d definitely win Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model!