She’s the independent artist who got the Ericsson Globe shouting “Say Yay” at Eurovision 2016, and who has kept us saying YAY all summer long with an influx of new singles.

And now Barei has capped off the summer with the release of her new music video for “Worry, Worry” (ft. Porta), the third cut off her upcoming album.

After originally releasing a lyric video for the single, Barei began teasing the release of a full music video to her 40,000 Instagram followers at the end of July. After a month of waiting, fans were finally rewarded when the video dropped last week.

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Don't #WorryWorry and be #happy #instamood #shooting #comingsoon #????

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The video doesn’t seem to portray any narrative that links to the song’s lyrics. Instead it takes inspiration from the tune’s tropical flavour and sees Barei letting loose on the beach. Sporting a couple of long zip-up hoodies, the Spanish songstress dances and sings with the waves of the sea crashing against the shore behind her.

Barei also seizes the opportunity to take to the waves herself, climbing aboard a boat and taking the party out to sea. If this is how the Spanish songstress is spending her final days of summer, then let us onboard!

Moving on from the 2016 foot shuffle, Barei’s new ‘signature’ move appears to be the wave. Whether it be the fingers, hands or arms, the fluidity of her dance moves perfectly matches the laid back style of the song.

Barei – Worry, Worry [ft. Porta] (Official Music Video)

For his rap section, we find Porta up on a cliff overlooking the sea. Wearing a white tank top and straw-coloured trilby hat, his passionate delivery keeps those who don’t speak Spanish interested, even if he might slightly over do it, as every word seemingly has a corresponding arm movement.

Barei has also decided to style the entire video with a giant white border around it, similar to those available to put around pictures in Microsoft Word. Maybe the video quality wasn’t good enough to make it full-screen? Maybe Barei now has a thing for the colour white, owing to her newly lightened blonde hair?

Whatever the reason, it’s an artistic decision that Barei is obviously quite fond of. All of her recent Instagram photos now have similar borders, as seen with her snaps from China as part of the #spainchinaproject, which Porta was also a part of. The project sees Spanish celebrities travel to China in order to promote the image of Spain in the country, and China in the world. Building bridges y’all!

Five Consecutive Top 40 Singles

Despite still being an independent artist, Barei’s star has only grown brighter since her appearance at Eurovision.

The music video for her first post-Eurovision single “I Don’t Need to Be You” has already clocked up an impressive 1.5 million views in six months. The single itself peaked at number 11 on the Spanish charts.

Her three most recent songs released over the summer have also all charted in the Top 40. “Wasn’t Me”, “Forget It” and “Worry, Worry” peaked at number 32, 19, and 34 respectively.

Including “Say Yay”, which reached 11 million streams on Spotify back in April, Barei now has five consecutive Top 40 singles.

Considering the relatively unknown entity Barei was before competing in Objetivo Eurovisión 2016, it’s great to see her getting this sort of recognition. We can’t wait to see what this Spanish diva has to offer us on her upcoming album and in the future!

Are you loving Barei’s new music video? What do you think about her post-Eurovision success? Is she still making you “Say Yay”? Let us know in the comments below!

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