After asking Europe to listen to the sound of their hearts at Eurovision 2012, the Hungarian electronic band Compact Disco has kept the rhythm going, remaining relevant with hit single after hit single. 

And among these is “Veled” — a catchy, urban track that dropped way back in May. We were recovering from Eurovision at the time so missed it…but we’re ready to right that wrong right now.

Translating as “With you”, the tune stays true to the band’s original electro sound, mixing solid beats with synth, digi-drums and more.

The video follows a young man as he chases after his beloved on the beautiful streets of Budapest, using the band itself to help him on his route to true happiness.

Tripping over tables, bumping into strangers, enduring injury and hitching a ride from Compact Disco — it’s all part of the chase. But will there be a happy ending?

Dude is feeling it. As the band sings: “Cry on my shoulder, tell me what to do, with you even the ice is hot, I’ve been waiting for this so long…”

The fun video works well with the upbeat track, which is at once catchy and brimming with urban swag and optimism. Compact Disco have found their sweet spot and we totally approve.

The English lyric video — “Diffident”

Compact Disco at Eurovision 2012

After forming back in 2008, the guys made their mark in Hungary with their first album “Stereoid”. Their single “I’m in love” went on to hit #2 on the electronic dance charts in Hungary.

So it wasn’t a total surprise when the group managed to win A Dal — Hungary’s national selection — with “Sound of Our Hearts”.

During their Eurovision semi-final, the group squeezed through in 10th place, owing largely to the juries. The public ranked them only 11th, but the jury placed them 7th, which was enough to pull them through.

In the final the group ultimately placed 24th — with the public ranking them 22nd, and the jury 23rd.

What are your thoughts about Compact Disco’s video? Any hopes of seeing them at Eurovision again? Please share your thoughts below.

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Benito Bonito
Benito Bonito
3 years ago

Spoiler alert : it’s happy end!