Isaiah Firebrace is used to travelling long distances, but recently the young Australian singer stayed at home and let technology connect him to Europe. He performed a duet with up-and-coming Belgian singer Margot Vandersmissen — and broke a world record in the process!

The performance was part of a popular Belgian prank show, Sorry voor alles (Sorry about that). In the show, members of the public are followed around by hidden cameras and enticed into a number of pranks and eventful situations. After a month, all is revealed in a television studio where the victims can win prizes.

The most recent subject of the show was young singer Margot Vandersmissen. In one of the set-ups, she was asked by radio MNM to perform a song for a test broadcast from the VRT tower in Brussels.

She sang her self-written song “Thrill of the Chase”, with Isaiah contributing silky smooth harmonies via a long-distance link from Australia. Even though there were thousands of kilometres between them, the two singers’ voices effortlessly blended together.

But there’s one thing Margot didn’t know. As part of Sorry voor alles, the duet had been set up as a Guinness World Record attempt. Margot and Isaiah successfully completed their duet and broke the record for “Greatest distance between people singing a duet”.

Margot was thrilled with the experience. On her YouTube page, she wrote:

THANK YOU Isaiah for making this song 1864267 times better!

If you’re confused, I was on my favorite TV show last week and because of it I broke the Guinness World Record for longest distance between people singing a duet — without realising it. Also did I mention that I love my life?

Margot’s fans were also loving the duet. YouTube commenter “nokiddingbrainless” wrote, “Your voices go together SO WELL it’s like the richest, creamiest hot chocolate being poured into my ears but in a not-gross way.”

Meanwhile, Isaiah recently celebrated his 18th birthday. While the “Don’t Come Easy” singer turned 18 back in November, he didn’t throw a party until this past weekend.

What do you think of Isaiah and Margot’s duet? Which Eurovision stars would you like to do a long-distance duet? Share your thoughts below!


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6 years ago

Isaiah lost his bushy brows!

6 years ago

There have been duets with dead people… isn’t that a longer distance?

6 years ago
Reply to  M_K

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