Back in 2017, RTS internally selected Tijana Bogicevic to represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the upbeat pop song “In Too Deep”. Since then she has moved to modern folk ballads in her native Serbian language. And with that comes her new album, Cudo — and it is lit!

Cudo — which translates to “Miracle” — is the final product of what Tijana has been working on since competing at Eurovision. It’s a 12-track album that captures her versatility as a singer and her ability to collaborate with established songwriters like Dušan Alagić, Aleksandra Milutinović and Bane Opačić.

The overarching theme of the album touches on the various stages of love. Even the upbeat numbers are about love, the impact it has on those who have experienced it and the feelings of highs and lows when we transition in and out of relationships.

But one song holds a deeper meaning —”Tijanina” was written to mark a tragic memory. Back in the summer of 2014, Tijana Bogicevic’s biggest fan Tijana Juric was abducted and subsequently killed in Serbia after a high-profile nationwide search. Her murder has been a particularly painful subject for Bogicevic. “Tijanina” attempts to express the pain and loss that she has bottled up for so long.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Tijana explains:

“My album Cudo is named after a song that Dusan Alagic wrote for me five years ago. Dusan Alagic is somebody that I consider to be a musical genius. He plays several musical instruments on the album, composed the music, wrote most of the lyrics and provided the arrangement.

“Cudo, which means miracle, is how I feel about this album. The title feels very symbolic because it took over five years of strength and focus on this album, and to release it independently. In other words, it has taken a miracle to do it.

“After Eurovision,  My team and I decided to finalise the tracklisting.  There are four completely new songs on the album, four songs that already were singles and four songs that only had live versions but have now been rearranged and recorded.

“These songs are lyrically strong including some high-range power ballads, which have always been my favourite types of songs to sing. Dusan Alagic and I work so well together, and if the subject of a national selection or Eurovision ever came up again, we would make a great team.”

Other standout tracks on Cudo include “Hajde Onda Nista”, “Stradam”, “Samo Ne Cuti” and “Ti Imas Pravo”. Eurovision fans of “In Too Deep” are treated to a re-worked Serbian version titled “Tvoja”.

Cudo is available in physical and digital formats and is available on streaming platforms.

Do you like Tijana’s new LP Cudo? What do you think of the music videos for “Ti Imas Pravo” and Nekako Nikako? Are you happy Tijana is singing in Serbian? Let us know in the comments section below!

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She used to work at some night club in Dublin along with other women from Serbia, Romania and Moldova. Then she met some “musician” and started her singing career though unsuccessfully. She’ll soon try herself in yet another business and deal with yet another failure.

Josh Kennon
Josh Kennon

I actually am liking “Nekako Nikako”, though the title is so tripping me up because it SOUNDS Japanese, and I keep thinking “Why is she in New York and not Tokyo?” — but I think her voice shines best when there’s not a lot of visual distractions to take away from her voice

Josh Kennon
Josh Kennon

“Hadje Onda Nista” deserves an amazing video, her voice REALLY shines (arguably could do really well at Eurovision), “Stradam” has a cool but emotional vibe, and you think it’s just going to coast to the end, but she brings it home more than expected — LOVE “Ti Imas Pravo” from beginning to end — “Samo Ne Cuti” showcases her voice again — “Cudo” and “Tijanina” are just full of emotion that you can hear from the first moment to the last! ALL upgrades from “In Too Deep”…

Con b
Con b

Still listening to ‘in too deep’ even now ….. Fantastic singer ,fantastic song . She deserved to qualify and she deserved a much better placing .


By the way, Belarus chooses their Junior Eurovision 2018 entrant on 31 August. 🙂 I always thought the selection would be on 15 September. (my 19th birthday) 😮