She’s a former Eurovision winner who earlier in the year was rumoured to be considering a song contest run for Bulgaria. Now, in a telling interview with Greece’s TV National, Helena Paparizou has added more fuel to the fuego.

The “My Number One” singer admitted that she hasn’t ruled out Eurovision and hinted that it could well be in her future: “Eurovision isn’t over for me, and a third participation is still on my mind.”

Of course, many of you have suspected this for a while — and not merely because she entered Melodifestivalen with “Survivor” in 2014. Or because she basically said the same thing back in 2016.

Earlier in the year, Helena was rumoured to be in the running to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2018 — a fact that was confirmed when a clip of her singing the demo of Cyprus’ Eurovision song “Fuego” leaked online. It didn’t take long for the full demo to hit YouTube as well.

Paparizou was reported to have loved the Alex P penned Eurovision 2018 number, but ultimately decided against returning. And she has said she has no regrets about it, as she believes Eleni was a better fit for the song and was able to give the song the fuego it needed to do well.

Looking back on her experience with the leak, she told TV National that she was upset about it — and not just for herself, but also for Eleni.

“It was terrible that the demo leaked,” she said. “It was not right. We all do a lot of demos that may later be performed by other artists. It’s not fair either for me or for Eleni. She did great and had to win this year’s Eurovision.”

She’s right. Demos are frequently performed by one artist in demo version and then are released by different artists entirely. It happens at Eurovision more frequently than people realise.

But there are some examples people will be aware of. Timebelle’s song “Apollo” made the rounds in Azerbaijan years before before landing in the Swiss band’s hands. And more recently Tamara Gachechiladze provided the female vocals on the demo version of “Bones”.

Helena was worried the leak could have hurt Eleni’s chances at Eurovision. But as Eleni showed in Lisbon, she’s way up and she ain’t coming down!

Helena’s “Kati Skotino” (Something Dark)

Helena may have turned down Eurovision, but she is still one of the most prolific Greek artists in all of pop, and recently she released the new single “Kati Skotino” (Something Dark).

Claiming that “every person has a dark side in their lives”, Helena’s new single is a dour, yet traditional ballad that elaborates on a relationship that is no more. But there is hope: she states that love can help you always find the good in things, even in “something dark”.

The song was composed by ARCADE, a team that counts talents like Anastasios Rammos, Pavlos Manolis, Diveno and Gabriel Russel in their ranks, and made its debut after her successful summer tour #OuranioToxoLive. The video clip was shot in Athens, was directed by Alex Konstantinidis and features Israeli model Shahar Kaikov.

Helena, who has accepted a third consecutive appearance as a jury member on the Greek version of The Voice alongside fellow Eurovision alum Sakis Rouvas, is sure to find open doors at Eurovision if she wishes.

Her track record at ESC speaks for itself: she snatched third place in 2001 as part of the duo Antique and landed her iconic victory in 2005 going solo. And she attempted a return to the ESC stage at Melodifestivalen 2014, with the anthemic ballad “Survivor”, which became a major fan favourite. Cyprus, Greece, Sweden — that makes it three countries that for sure would consider fulfilling the former winner’s wish.

What do you think of the “Fuego” leak? Would you like to see Helena make another run at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

Didn’t Eric Saade originally record Jedward’s Waterline?

Robyn Gallagher
2 years ago
Reply to  Jonas

I believe it was pitched to him as a Melfest entry for 2011 – but many songs were. I’m not sure if he ever recorded it before he said nej tack.

ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
2 years ago

I adore Helena’s Fuego because of the strong vocals! Eleni got that powerful dance moves (which Helena could have never done)! So for me the leak was a gift, I listen more times to Helena’s Fuego then to Eleni’s 🙂 Just imagine a DUET! <3 <3 <3

2 years ago

Wow, this “fuego” is so generic that it sounds almost the same while a totally different person sings it. Imagine someone else singing Toy, it would never sound anywhere near like Netta.

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
2 years ago

Fuel to the fuego. I love it.
On that note,that article is for you, Mr. Polegend Godgarina. 😛 Do you at least believe “Helegend” herself when she says she hasn’t ruled out Eurovision?