The smooth and ambient Carousel had the first rehearsal at Eurovision 2019 today. The group from Latvia gave us campfire cool, serving us a pop of colour (with singer Sabine’s hat) and a touch of intimacy.

After their rehearsal, the carousel kept rolling on, interviewing with our Deban. Sabine and Marcis discussed the origins of their group, where they want to go with ‘That Night’, and their upcoming EP.

Carousel — Interview

On their staging for Tel Aviv, the group were all about creating that intimacy on such a big setting. They weren’t out to reinvent the wheel from their performance in the Latvian national final Supernova.

“Creating our vision (on stage) – their vision come through. They had everything ready in Supernova, but we just wanted to enhance it a bit. We don’t want to change it so much. The song has to be a simple number – that you feel as if you are a part of that song.”

The group also did not want to drown themselves with all the options for a Eurovision stage. Less can be more, as their visual director said:

“When you have a big stage, you have so many tools to play with, but instead, keep it tight, tight, tight and create an intimate feeling. The most important thing is our feeling – no mater how big the stage or the audience, its about a feeling and a message.

People will feel it, because its real.”

And while “That Night” is all about creating that ambience and taking you to that warm place, the group are definitely down for turning “That Night” into an ode of sweaty nights, as a club banger, saying: “Club remix? Why not! We are open to that!”

The group have also announced the name of their upcoming EP. Titled Sketches from Sleepless Nights, the record will have four new songs that will give more of an insight to Carousel, beyond just that night.

Latvia Eurovision 2019 first rehearsal review

Are you on board Carousel? Is “That Night” giving you those vibes? Let us know in the comments below.

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My number one
My number one
3 years ago

I love this song so much, I dont understand why it is so underrated

3 years ago

After seeing all rehearsals I think that Carousel has a chance to Q!